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Written Works
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Mastering Reiki
Explore truths of Reiki and choose a level of learning that is right for you …
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Sacred Sexuality and Moksha Magick
Discover the divine essence of everyone and ourselves as energy beings; heal and reclaim sexuality …
Chakra Wisdom and Health
Delve into important Chakra insights and their effects upon our health, our very state of being …
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Ultimate Healing
Probe into the why we bear illnesses. How we can heal, and why most people do not heal …
"Coming Soon"
True Forgiving
Find steps to forgiving;
​steps simple enough to be real …
"Coming Soon"
     Our State of Grace
     Deeksha Blessings and Oneness

Delve into freeing our senses from the clutches of the mind … the dissolution of a separate self … all to set man free …
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Divine Expression in Written Word
See our publications and peruse special writings posted only here;
these include Guru Shorts,
and Snippets of Wisdom …
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Soulful Intimacy
Tour our human needs and achieve a sense of connection with self-expression … all to share with another as One …
"Coming Soon"
Understanding Energy Work and LightWork
Enter the arena of energy, go deeper into it
​and we as it … everything is energy …
"Coming Soon"
Awakening to Enlightenment
Explore the state of the Awakened,
​and how we might embrace Enlightenment …
"Coming Soon"
Truly Experiencing “What Is”
One of the simplest words that humans avoid is truth.
Explore why and how to overcome our fear of it …
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Deeper Learning in
Courses – Presentations – Workshops
Our invitation to explore and join in the breadth of our work …
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Selected Poems,
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