About Sally's
Great Awakening

     On February 16th, 2014, Niki and I had the opportunity to read "Sally's Great Awakening" to an introductory workshop group for "A Course in Miracles".  We were delighted to present this piece, flowing back and forth, in a seemingly natural way.

     Nearing the end, my tears of emotion began to flow as they do at every reading.  Rather than encumber the group with dysfunctional oratory, I bade Niki to finish the reading.  At the conclusion, a practitioner of "A Course in Miracles" commented, "This single story spoke the course in entirety."

     We are blessed to bring you "Sally's Great Awakening".
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Sally's Great Awakening
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     Dwelling in her ego, that she is special and unique, Sally Snowflake hears the voice of truth.

     Challenges of life befall Sally until she looks within her fears at the deepest level.

     Eventually led to a point of no return, Sally’s ego is set free as she discovers and embraces the one great truth.

     “I LOVE this story! Such beauty
and simplicity. Timeless as a folktale.”
               Demi Stevens, Year of the Book
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Sally's Great Awakening
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And the
​Writing of Sally
The Miracle in the Writing of Sally:
Feeling Alone
Our Fears
Our Ego
Social Acceptance
Feeling Safe
Feeling Trapped
The Unseen
The Mind
The One Great Truth
With only 2,274 words, “Sally’s Great Awakening”
        touches on life’s experiences in truths of:
The story ends with the words, “Ad Lucem” (From the depths to the light.) For it is in the state of The One Great Truth that we begin to see, and to be; we become Awakened.
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Sally's Great Awakening
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These story line elements were not preconceived.  These fuller depths of the writing only came to my attention a full nine months after writing it.
                                              Guru Aum Jah

     The writing of "Sally’s Great Awakening" startled me beyond my comprehension.  The story line flowed from my fingertips in one, uninterrupted sitting. The night before, a snippet of vision came to
me of only a snowflake, and an iceberg. I had no correlation of its importance to come. The best I could make of that vision was that
I commonly use a snowflake in describing oneness and our various forms of existence. The iceberg however, was never in that rapport.
     My next morning began rather normally. I had sat down intent upon writing to Niki; a dear Love with whom I share states of Oneness with like few others I know can begin to. But when I opened a blank page, I could not write to her. Instead, Sally began to flow onto the page.
      Both the title and the very first sentence felt bewildering; I could not understand why I would write such a thing. Yet, as it spilled out of my being, I knew I was not alone. Letting go of rationalization, I continued onward simply letting it come. By the end of the first paragraph, I thought I had lost my mind. But it would only get worse.
     Midway through the second paragraph, I began thinking,
“I don’t write this kind of thing; this isn’t me”. “I don’t write fiction,
I abhor written dialog, and this is a kid’s story.” “I don’t write for children.” Yet I pressed on, unable to stop. The third paragraph materialized. Further embracing that I was not alone, I began to see the nature of the writing; it was in the nature of what Niki might write. I screamed her name aloud at the top of my lungs and reiterated my thoughts in protest to all of this. I ended with, “What are you doing to me?” But I could not stop.
     The progress seemed slow since I had no direction of where I was heading.
I would simply write a sentence, sometimes pause in confusion, and then write the next. Midway through the fourth paragraph, I realized I had made an error
in the title.  I had written “Sally’s Great Adventure*”. I immediately changed it
to what you see now. When I neared the end, I did go back and change
three words to accommodate storyline continuity, but only three.
     The simplicity of the story and its writing struck me deeply. I could not read it without crying. I cannot even read aloud Sally’s final exclamation for my words distort amidst tears
of rapture. It would be eight hours later that
I realized the story written was my own;
it is the story of me.
     Three days later, I could finally share the writing with Niki and get her feedback. Beyond her appreciation of the work, she did comment that the readability was difficult for a children’s story. It blew my mind, but sent me into an editing mindset for ease of reading. Nothing changed of the story beyond sentence structure and words used to meet that end. Yet, I had difficulties with certain sentences to achieve that.
     For absolute clarity and propriety of this written work, Niki and I concluded we would seek professional editorial assistance for details.

     Demi Stevens of the “Year of the Book Press**” was an immediate choice given her input on my previous works. Additional editorial consultation came from Ashley Rae.

This work was initially written as a product of Niki and I as One.
​Thus, without hesitation, we present “Sally’s Great Awakening” as coauthored.
It may be the story of how I know me, but I never would have written it without Niki.
      [*A fascinating point of this writing miracle has come before me. Quite some time ago, I felt deeply hurt that Niki incorrectly wrote the name of our book down on a list; she wrote it as “Sally’s Great Adventure.” It took me months to get its truth through my head. I had written it that way in the very beginning, but as noted above, “I” had changed it to
“Sally’s Great Awakening” thinking “I” had made an error.
It only exemplifies how deeply the language of Sally was indeed Niki flowing through my fingertips. I can only trust that my corrective error will not inhibit readership; the story must be read and known.]
Niki Kissell
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