About the name,
​Guru Jah

     I have become born into the name Guru Jah, so deeply, that i am considering jumping through the mundane hoops
of life to make it legal; legal for they that need a name to
see me.
Me, Guru Jah. 
     In all truth, truth as i know truth to be, i would that i be without name.
A name separates us; it identifies us a different rather than being one.
It defiles my sense of Oneness.
      I look at life with simplicity. Billy Bob Crow does not know he is called Billy Bob;
he does not know he is a crow. He simply is; he is that he is. It is as i would be;
simply that i am.
      We use names to identify, when in truth, names and labels limit our sight; they trap our mind.  I would rather be seen,
than known as a person, place, or thing. I would rather
be known by what  i am and what i do, than by a name.
                                     I am not my name.
  In embracing myself in Oneness,
i am everything, i am nothing;
how can you name that;
you cannot.
      Yet in this realm we walk as human beings,
the mundane needs a name. Otherwise, one is unseen.
     Ask the homeless, the hungry, the destitute; the people we do not see, the people we do not name.

     Thus, if you are to see me, and to hear me,
it would seem, i need a name.
      I was given a name at birth in the typical mundane fashion. I even tried to place value upon that name. But the truth of my essence knew better; it knew that to be a lie. Through the years, having a name led me to see it was only used to form attachments; attachments of labels to what people thought i am. Those labels i knew as limits; they, the people, never saw me.
     But then as it came time for my writings to surface, there came a new problem, the problem of a name, the name of the author. Yet what i write is greater than just i; it is we, the all. I had no answer; yet i knew people would need a handle to grasp what was to come. The Universe stepped in and provided a dream/vision with great clarity. That dream/vision was recorded as follows:
     "My dream opens with myself sitting in a 1940’s lounge adjacent to a sophisticated grill and bar. The environment is smoker friendly – soft lighting – upholstered furniture and coffee tables in several island sets – bar tables and high
​stools along the back wall.
     At this point, i begin becoming lucid. I am before an audience on a stage with TV cameras and question “How shall i avoid being photographed”. A voice answered back that “We will only run the cameras from behind you, never showing your face”. I am introduced as Guru Jah and awaken."
     Two women and i are sitting on a couch conversing about life and the desire to grow. By the time i am speaking of the multitude of seeds that fall and rot, the room is full, clear into the adjoining hallway. As i finish my talking,
there is a great clamor amongst the people. I can
hear them calling me Guru Jah as they begin to
break up.  An East Indian man approaches me;
he speaks to me that i shall be before the people,
the masses. When asking him how this shall be, he
replies that i am “referred by Mowery” and anyone proclaimed by him shall be known.
[It took a while to be aware that Jah was spelled with a J as opposed to Y – similar to the transliteration confusion of the Tetragrammatons’ – it fits as truth. At first i thought it was only Ja, but the realization of the h at the end came later; that is when i checked out that truth* on the mundane; so shall it be. (*In the King James Bible, Jah only appears once in Psalms 68:4. In the original Hebrew texts, it
appears 50 times written as JH; they had no written vowels.)
The Universe had appointed me a new name.]
      Almost unknowingly, i donned the cap of Guru Jah. When i began to look at my first written work for copy editing, “Like the Fruit of the Vine …” all the sudden its very purpose changed. Everything made more sense as to why i had written it. Every section fleshed out a greater meaning. It was only just before publicizing that book, that i swallowed my guts, and changed the author’s name thereon.
      I had held off a sense of owning the name Guru Jah; feeling as though, “How dare i.”  I am not East Indian and could be wrong, but the ancient Sanskrit title Guru,
i would consider to be essentially appointed or earned, not self-proclaimed. Surely, i did not appoint that title
to myself as some fantasy.  But whom shall i perceive
to honor my dream/vision?   Worse yet, instantly after the dream/vision i knew that the name Jah, is the name of God. Again enforcing, “How dare i?”
     Many months later, a dear soul came before me and admonished me; “How dare i not.”  Only by her showing me that it was remnants of my own ego that held me back, was i able to see, “How dare i not”.
     I would truly still prefer to have no name at all. But if i am to embrace “what is”, then again, my ego has no place.  Thus i am Guru Jah.  It did relieve a certain amount of anxiety to find a translation of the Sanskrit word “guru”.  It literally means, “That which takes you from darkness (gu) to light (ru).  Ironically, the Latin words selected to begin the books of poetry had been, “Ad Lucem”, meaning “from the depths to the light”.  The reasoning was to find a descriptor for beginning wherein each poem ends with “finis”, the end. Those words were selected before discovering the meaning of “guru”. It all fits; it just keeps happening and falling into place.
     Update: It came before me that to embrace myself fully as Guru Jah; i would need a first name for the world of man.  I have seen the nightmare for those that would live only by a singular name.  As soon as the thought of need appeared, so did the answer.  It began as an “O”, and then immediately realized itself forward. I needed to search out the realization for correctness of spelling.

     In India, its transliteration is Aum, which matches the sound, the sound of the Divine, the sound of our seventh chakra. Thus, from this day forward, i am (Guru) Aum Jah. So be it.
     The strange irony in all of this, is that if i must have a name, i truly feel good about the name Aum Jah. It fits a greater truth of me.

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