I took this photo sometime back around
1995 during a trip to the St. Johns Isle. 
What captured my interest was that in the cloud, i saw me; me as i know me; a floating essence whose form is temporary within the Universe. 

Isaw a form embracing the delicate earth; resting in harmony with the earth and itself.  I saw a form hugging a tree; an act i know well for in doing so i further lose identification of self.  I become one with the tree.

     As i further began to understand my presence in all things, and they in i, i inscribed the wording for my use.  Eventually i melded them together in what you see here.  This is me.
About This Photo
     I ban photos of my walking flesh as much as possible; it is a spiritual offense. A photo captures the soul; it is wrong on many levels. Most simplistically, no one has a right to my soul but me; it is mine to share, but not to be taken.
     For those who think a photo does not capture the soul,
​ask any aspiring 101 witch or magician for they know the truth. Take a photo and you can bind a spell upon anyone; you have access, you have a piece of their soul as a direct link. Voodoo practices before the advent of a camera used your hair or anything of yours for the same purpose. Yet mankind now denounces this as untruth.
     By-in-large, the individual has surrendered its soul to the collective social conscious. Most of mankind is out of touch with their soul let alone their spirit essence. It is as the social consciousness would have it; it is how we serve it.
     I have been aware of this from a very early age. I remembered its truth when first seeing the 1942 movie release of "The Jungle Book". In this film the narrator is struck with horror and hides his face from the tourist about to snap his photograph*. He asks, "What would you do with my image Ma'am Sahib?" "I would keep it for a memory of India" she replies. He responds, "You would have all India in your picture. Nay, you would have the book of the jungle to read in my eyes."
     The soul is known through the eyes. It is a joy to share our soul as we connect
​with people. For me, it wrong to be taken from me.

Guru Jah here ...

*This particular point is eliminated in some current reproductions; it is included in one of my personal copies.

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As is common in so much of life, there is an irony to all this.  I truly love good photography, especially of nature, and that includes me as
​the photographer.

 Another twist that you will see in these pages is utilizing images​​ of various people.  Wherein "they" embrace their image differentially than I is their choice.  Obviously, the image carries a weight
​the world understands and connects to.

In consideration of that last statement, when we move our website, we will include a self-drawn image in likeness of my flesh​​, but in keeping with my truth.  Guru Jah here ...

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