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​           Sex
An aspect of Moksha Magick
meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate
Our world is fast, or so it seems. There is always something we can fill that emptiness with. Most of it, we experience as a "need to" or "should," but these are not real to us as natural beings of energy. Yes, we need to eat, sleep, and work at caring for our physical needs, and we need to play. But when it comes to fulfilling our deeper needs, our most simplistic needs, we tend to put those on the back burner.
We need a sense of Connection. We need to express our True Selves. We are naturally creative, expressive beings. Our problem becomes all those diversions we have grown to call life; they are though, just that, diversions. The saddest part of it all is that our experiences in life have been molded to fit into those diversions
​as purposeful in defining who and what we are. All those "need to" and "should[s]" lead us away from the most powerful aspect of our being, that of our sexuality.
When we come together to fulfill that need for a sense of connection, we tend to form partnerships. These are created through our sense of commonality and most of all, Trust; it is then that we open up to the depth of our True Selves, and most often, we cement that partnership sexually.
In our youth, that sexual expression is often vibrant and alive. For most, it is the tool of Connection. We like to think it is driven by hormones but that is a poor assumption. While the hormone levels for a male are high in their teens and early twenties, for a female, hormonally she peaks at around forty.  If we try to assume that those early years are only about procreation, the counter question is raised. If that sexual
​drive was only there for procreation, then why do
​menopausal women enjoy [or want] sex at all?
What is really at play is that our sexual drives are about Connection and Self-expression of our True Selves. It is that Divine part of us in need of playing out, simply being, simply expressing.
Eventually, we realize that indeed, we are just too tired. We have come to bed for needed sleep. A missed day of sexual expression here and there promotes a sense of apathy; after all, that "bond" is already made. Missed days multiply and weekends afford our window of opportunity at best, well, supposing we have not filled our schedule in avoiding
​intimacy that is now deteriorating
Our question becomes, "What could we have done instead?

We welcome any and all comments, questions, and dialog
to encourage everyone's deeper understanding.
Guru Jah here ...
With Acceptance, we are free to be our True Self. It is the basis to forgive and the basis to love. As our True self, our sexuality is no longer a back burner experience, but rather a vibrant living expression of our Now.
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If we look at how we embrace our need to eat, sleep, and work at caring for our physical needs, we quickly realize those are all everyday activities that we honor. As for play, we tend to subjugate that to a lesser value and often substitute entertainment as a surrogate expression for "play." Our tendency toward sexuality is to embrace it actively as a priority when first bonding; but once that
​bond is assumed [deeply entrenched] sexual expression begins creeping to the back burner.
We see it everywhere. Couples no longer hold hands [God forbid any greater public display of affection], they give that quickly passing kiss or hug at best in their comings and goings, and outright sex, well, that is put to the end of the day. It's the time we go to bed together and turn out the lights. It is then that we give ourselves permission to be real in our nakedness and our passion. The end of our day, it is when we have drained and spent our energies chasing after our assumed physical needs. 

Travesty 101, but it gets worse …
Simply look around you … better yet, look in the mirror.
Our sense of trust afforded that intimacy and sexual expression of our True Self. By placing our priorities for safety [our needs being met] on the physical realm we call life, our energetic thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and ego-self become threated. Those thoughts of safety needs become foremost in our attention. Aligning with our True Self no longer works because we do not feel "safe." 

We no longer see our partnership union as Oneness with Trust, but rather a separation. We are after all, unique expressions of the Divine, or so the ego-self thinks. We will denounce our natural sexual expression as a priority because we are busy, busy defending the ego-self.
While bursts of our sexual True Self may emerge, they are often short lived in the battle of ego-self versus True Self. We see it in that occasional rise of partnership sexual passion, the romantic get-a-ways, flings, and what most call "cheating" on a partnership; we see it at its worst in heated or crushed dissolution of those partnerships.
The answer is to align ourselves with priorities of the True Self. When we honor that at our very core we all have a deep need of Connection, and, a need for the opportunity to express ourselves fully, sexual expression will become and maintain itself as a priority. It is of our True Self.
We must come to a place of knowing our values, our needs and feelings. We must come to a place of choosing to live in the Now as opposed to our emotional past. We must resolve old wounds. And most of all, we must come to a place of Acceptance.
Much like a snowflake, we all may seem like unique expressions of the Divine, but at our core, we are all the same. This sameness is our True Self. Our True Self embraces that uniqueness with Acceptance.
The key word to getting back to what
​we once knew so well, is Acceptance.
Guru Jah here ...