Given the diversity of information sources on the Chakras, we have listed what to us, are the most relevant and worthy of mention on our “Valued Resources” page. Our personal insights include references from these works and other varied sources including our personal metaphysical consciousness. While the various resources listed reflect aspects of our combined personal experiences and knowledge of the Chakras, in our eyes, none are stand-alone authorities; that assessment include us.

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     We need to have at least a basic understanding of the Chakra system; it is a fundamental component of our Energy system. The term Chakra is loosely translated as “wheel” or “turning”; some references use the word “vortex” to define its nature which we find to be far more accurate.  Quite personally, I most often observe the Chakras as a sphere with a vortex center although that vortex is not always prevalently sighted and in some cases, that sphere can be elongated, especially
​in the third Chakra.
     The most important aspect to understand about our Chakras is this: They hold every bit of information about our thoughts, feelings [including emotions] and experiences that have ever happened [even past life], AND, the Chakras are an immediate interface to our physical body.
     Our Chakra system categorically distributes the collective data of information from our exterior mental, emotional and ethereal bodies. The system sends that categorized information to each appropriate Chakra.
     By the time an illness [dysfunction or dis-ease] hits our body, it has manifested first through our Chakras most often as thoughts, beliefs, or emotions. Very broadly, the illness has registered as a disharmonious energy [or blockage] within the Chakra. The illness is our wakeup call to get things back into truth, harmony, and balance; it is the call to eliminate blockages to our wellbeing.  While we can energetically clear those blockages, if we remain mental about our life experiences, holding onto our thoughts, beliefs,
​or emotional holdings, the blockage will be back.
     To be able to get our needs back into balance, we need to understand what the individual Chakras relate to. Once we get those relationships back into order [balance] we change the energy registration upon the Chakra, and our lives and bodies can begin to heal. [This can also mean adjustments will have happened on the outer mental, emotional, and ethereal bodies. The energy flow of a Chakra
​moves both inward and outward.]  But, we
​must allow it, we must accept it.
     Chakras do not however, work independently of one another. What shows up in the Heart Chakra for instance might have really originated in the Sacral Chakra. Dysfunctions of trust for instance [a 1st Chakra issue], can travel throughout the entire Chakra system and prove devastating in every arena of our life.
     We have a problem though, that problem is
​to know what is real about our Chakras amidst the overabundance of information on the Internet and in various books. Some of the information is wrongfully bad; bad information is like fly shit … it’s everywhere. We’ve just forgotten how to recognize it.
     Thus as we have trained, studied, and sifted through the rubble of the “Me Too” voices, we have come to rely heavily on personal experience, intuition, and Devine guidance to present worthy perspectives. We do employ information gathered from valued sources which we share listed on a separate page. If information feels wrong, we trust that we will know it.
     All that said, there is too a matter of perspective.
​For instance, by everything I know and experience, the 2nd Chakra is the seat of our power. On the other hand, a woman I know looks at the 3rd Chakra as the “power” Chakra for to her, it’s about personal power. She has a point of perspective and that’s okay as long as we all can be clear about our perspectives.

     [And there is an irony to it all, in ways, all the Chakras are about power … the relevance of
​the 2nd Chakra though will be elaborated upon
​on the appropriate page.]
     If I set a teapot on the table before a group gathered around that table, each person there will have a different perspective. Some may not see the spout; some may not see a handle laid to one side, rather only the hinge attachments for an un-seeable handle. Any of those people might wonder how one could pour water from
​such a container and their observations can be valid
​… from their perspective.

     What matters, is that we find collective perspectives and shift our own perspective enough to examine the variables presented. That is what we strive to do.
     Yet with all that, in our opinion, we view no one as an absolute authority on the Chakras; that includes us. So the question you may ask could go something like, “Then why bother to put up web pages about the Chakras?”

                 ​​The answer is simple.
Too many people, know way too little,
​about something way too important affecting our health and lives.
     Our goal is to educate people so they can grow in their awareness, and their consciousness. We are not meant to live in illness. It is natural to be healthy and whole. Understanding our Chakras helps us to achieve a truly happy, healthy life.
     Before we break into various pages on the individual Chakras, there are a few more points worthy of discussion on this page. The Chakras are commonly represented as static in size and location within the body. While the location is relatively static, the size varies tremendously dependent upon many factors such as the maturation of the Chakra itself relevant to
​the age of the person, health of the Chakra,
​and a person’s relevance to that Chakra.
     Most people also miss that the 1st and 2nd, 6th and 7th Chakras, even when less than fully developed, actually overlap their energy fields. This is especially notable in various information sources that suggest 1st and 2nd Chakra attributes almost interchangeably. The confusion arises from failure to realize
​the energetic overlap.
     Additional problems of discernment are the Secondary Chakras, commonly known to project ​out the back. The protracted energy field, although differential, is much like mentioned above, those energy fields essentially appear to intermingle. Part ​of the reason is simply that we are inclined to look at a Chakra from the front. It becomes a worthy note that when one is facilitating Reiki healing to a given Chakra, work the area of concern from both the front and
​the back. 
     We will not attempt to delve into the Secondary Chakras in as much as we have yet to find enough quality information to quantify relationships. In my personal experience, I can attest that they do exist. When my consciousness became aware of them, they popped out like a baseball bat punching through my being. The problem at hand is
​simply that at this time, I cannot tell you
​what is going on with them.
     Another possible factor in confusion are the Nadis, which serve as a primary step in energy distribution and sensitivities. If one is picking up the energetic signals from the Nadis instead of the Chakra proper, the reading of the Chakra will be off. 

      Furthermore, the Chakra proper is essentially
​a collective of quite specific Nadis in any given area. While these pipelines, or essential energetic nerve endings [numbering in the thousands] have relevance in the great complexity of our energy Self, with one exception, they are beyond the scope of what we shall strive to bring forth.
     That one exception is that we will look at the Kundalini and the associated pathways [Nadis or Energy Channels] that pass up the Sushumna and its two aspects, the Ida and Pingala that merge at the third eye or Ajna.
     Again, our goal has nothing to do with creating a glorified textbook on these pages. We do have deeper understanding, application, and awareness than will be presented here, but we will utilize that in Workshop Intensives. You can read webpages until you are blue in the face. We design Workshop Intensives to bring home the vast information in a personally usable format … person to person.
Read on through the various links … grow your awareness and your consciousness. These are major steps toward achieving a truly happy, healthy life.
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Please bear with us as we develop these pages.
     One of the inherent problems with identifying the location of the Chakra also rests on where one considers the Chakra proper to be. In other words, all except the 7th Chakra, are attached to the spine. Information about what direction these spinal attachments take in relevance to the flowering “wheel” of energy toward the exterior of the physical body varies by who’s informational source you are reading.

​​Regrettably, at the time of this writing, we cannot attest to 100% clarification of the attachment points from experiences, both internally, and through observations of other people. There do seem to be some variables for which we cannot account, most notably in the 4th and 5th Chakra.
     While common definition of the Chakras includes the petal count, seen as lotus leaves, they are talking only about the outer perimeters of the more manifest near physical nature of the Chakra. 

If we consider a Chakra like looking at a rose, that vision may only consider the rose petals. However, one will seldom see a rose without a stem. We may consider the portion of the stem connecting to its roots as separate from a rose that we might cut and put into a vase, but
​in greater truth, it’s not. The rose analogy has one major difference; rose stems are typically long whereas the Chakra stem is relatively short at about six inches max
​in the average adult.
Our objective of this work herein centers more on the energy vortex of the Chakra. The stem is simply the pipeline of connection and the “flowered” portion is the opening by which the Chakra receives and radiates its particular energy characteristics. Think of it like a light bulb: It has a base and a Bulb which is where we experience its radiance
     The Chakras are classically divided into lower [dealing with we as humans] and upper, [dealing with we as Spirit]. While this is not totally accurate by any means, it affords certain perspectives that help develop greater understanding, and we will use it accordingly. Commonly, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are considered the lower in this manner, and the 5th, 6th, and 7th are considered the upper. What is obviously missing is the 4th Chakra,
​the Heart Chakra.
    One of the aspects that inspired these pages as worthy of our effort, is that of what blocks each Chakra. Dysfunctions in each Chakra are far more complex than a singular statement of causation might suggest, but by seeing the blockage characterization singularly, we can often move much quicker toward the issue resolution.
    The ultimate answer to understanding your Chakras though is your own personal experience with it. Some of the personal experiences represented in these pages may well be outside the “norm” of common experience. 

While the common experiences among the masses can be helpful in understanding correlations, they essentially only serve to open the door of your own experience and understand it more easily. 

Real learning is from the inside out [your own Spiritual Center] and intellectualizing it diminishes the experience; it keeps one in the mind. The point is, to always experience and that then becomes your knowing.
     While common definition of the Chakras includes the petal count, seen as lotus leaves, they are talking only about the outer perimeters of the more manifest near physical nature of the Chakra. Those leaves can also have relevance on the elliptical shape of a Chakra.