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Gratitude: the state of being grateful : THANKFULNESS

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Grateful: 1 a : appreciative of benefits received; b : expressing gratitude 2 a : affording pleasure or contentment : PLEASING; b : pleasing by reason of comfort supplied or discomfort alleviated

Thankful: 1 : conscious of benefit received 2 : expressive of thanks 3 : well pleased : GLAD
"The deeper we surrender into our sacredness, our Divine presence in ourselves and others, the deeper we truly Love. It becomes a life that transcends approval or tolerance and resolves in total, pure, Acceptance. It becomes a life that transcends gratitude [appreciative of benefits received] and resolves in total, pure, Appreciation. Acceptance and Appreciation are the very foundation of Love."

Gratitude is a big word to many people.

                  ​​ In ways, it has its place, but let’s look at the definition:
In other words, gratitude is all about me. Me-me-me-me-me … what did “I” receive, what comfort was supplied to me or what suffering of mine was alleviated. So okay, it is important to be aware of, and thankful for, the many blessings we receive. 
But there is a bigger picture.
An excerpt from our page on Sacred Sexuality Perspectives alludes to that bigger picture. Linked below
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Gratitude as Appreciation is about a bond of connection, and of honor, a bond that reaches far deeper than the typical me-me mindset. Other words one might use would be deep-respect or reverence [for everything - everyone].
Gratitude as Appreciation in that bond of connection is seeing ourselves as part of a greater whole, seeing ourselves benefiting the whole, and it benefiting us on every level. Gratitude as Appreciation is a mindset that flows back and forth. It is an experience of our energy and the energy of the Universe as One.
Getting it into perspective …
When we try to embrace energies [blessings] and count them, there is a shift from being in that energy as one with it, to being in our mind [which may not be true of the experience].
Consider it as if looking into the eyes [seeing truth] of a person whom says they love you. In that space we can feel it. If they simply “say it,” the words may well be a lie. How many times do we hear, “I love you” expressed without that feeling of true connection as we might find in the eyes? Way too many. The words can become hollow, and countable

Countable as though by their number they have value or truth. When conveyed as rhetoric, the very words “I love you” can lead to question. And if heard enough as empty statements [albeit countable], our defenses go up against untruth and trust. 

Energy blockage 101.
[It is interesting to note how often people use the words I love you without any eye contact or any experiential sense of connection. Conversely, it is interesting to note how many times people may say those words while unable to really look into the eyes of the
​recipient and embrace them as true.]
When we experience love conveyed as truth, the words “I love you” can have meaning, and are in fact beautiful. That experience we shared carries us forward with an expansive feeling of wholeness and empowerment. Gratitude as Appreciation is a huge basis in Love. That basis is immense Appreciation, and, a sense of Oneness [much like the honor and reverence noted earlier]. It becomes a state of mind.
The foundation of Appreciation is firstly Acceptance [if we cannot accept, we cannot employ blessings]. Where simple gratitude can move us deeper into is Awareness. Without awareness, we cannot accept for we are blind. 

But from that simple awareness, now manifest as Acceptance, we must move into Appreciation. It shows as deep-respect or reverence [for everything - everyone] … and, typically instills a sense of joy and peace. This combined effect dwells within us and spills over to everyone we embrace and everything we do. It is a state of mind about
​life as a true basis of our experiences.
The problem with thinking of counting your blessings or giving thanks is that it becomes very singular or incident oriented. It is not to say that in a mindset of gratitude, one does not say, “Thank you,” quite the contrary. But gratitude as Appreciation embraces reverence about everything, even experiences we are inclined to call bad or negative.   It is not singular nor incident based, it is a continuous incident [experience]. One that is uncountable.
Gratitude may have a certain modest value for a beginner without this deeper understanding. Were we speaking to a young child, it would make sense as a way of getting started on the deeper meanings. Our inherent problem is that we still use this as adults, and fail to understand the differences. It became an outcropping of our rearing; “tell them thank you” or “what do you say?”

Counting OUR blessings typically has a mindset of being all about us. We alone, how many blessings do I get, let’s count them like dollars in a bank account, something we own. Gratitude as Appreciation is not this lopsided, not this childlike. The eyes of Appreciation see everything
​as One, beyond simple gratitude.
You cannot count a state of mind … 
​​it is simply a state of consciousness.
When we experience life in ways that words cannot express we have reached the state of Appreciation. It is a place where to say “I love you” pales the truth of our experience. It is a place where to say “thank you” pales the truth of our experience.
Gratitude as Appreciation is a radiant state of being that exudes ones existence. While we may use limited words like “thank you” on occasion, it is the radiance behind those words that truly covey out truth of Appreciation.
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Gratitude is a feeling, an experience;
​it is not a thought.