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“There are but two needs in the Universe
There are but two needs for us as humans
The first is a sense of connection
The second, is to express ourselves”

                                                                 ​Guru Aum Jah
Regrettably, human sexuality has become ​a​ travesty upon the deeper truth of needs, Universal, and human. Its distorted roots are deep in the evolution of our human experience; they grow based primarily on a lack of trust, thus a need to possess (own), and the sense of separation (Spiritual Self and the “I” of ego).
Through time, sexuality has become a tool of society; it is one of repression, subjugation, and control. If you control our sexuality, you diminish our sense of power and creativity; individual power must be controlled (in the mind of society) or society cannot govern. Self-expression as creativity can manifest despite sexual repression, but it is rare, and oft worn as a substitution for more naturally balanced expression. When sexuality, power, and creativity organically combine within a being, the results are dynamic, and so is the being.
The historic causation for our demise is simple, we moved from life as hunter-gatherers to agriculturally based beings. Growing food takes time and thus we began to build homes and infrastructure. We embraced separation from our nature, and Nature; we embraced ownership.
Moving past who owns the cows, the sheep, and the dwellings came to embrace owning people. It became my sheep, my home, my wife, my children, even my slaves … “my,” the “I” of ego. Distrust and false empowerment ensued. Through it all, natural sexual expression diminished under control, under ownership, under separation. The you and I grew more distinctly separate, both in
​our minds, and in our energies.
The soul of our being falters accordingly. But we can heal it. The expression of our Sexuality is a gateway to healing the Soul.
The expression of our sexuality is a gateway to healing the soul.  Guru Jah here ...
Our sexual expression lies in our energies;
​it is part of us, who we are, spiritually and humanly. Some of our energies are as simple
​as our need to perpetuate the species and the hormones flying through our bodies. But our energies are far bigger than just that; they are
​far more powerful, far more productive, far more volatile, and can be, far more destructive. 

That destruction occurs as an outcropping of
​our distrust and false empowerment; it becomes
​a “pseudo-need” all its own to dominate and suppress others. And then of course, as our greater truth is violated, we shield and protect ourselves, creating an even wider gap of separation in the you and I.
Though we consider our sexual expression to reside in our Sacral Chakra, it truly begins in our Root Chakra; it begins there with our sense of safety and trust. True trust belongs to us (ourselves) within the Universe, but this is not the way of either our human experience or humanities design. 

We establish our first human relationship to trust with our parents, upon whom we are dependant as an infant. As we grow, our trust interfaces with peers, tribe, and community; we continue to deepen our emotional basis for trust, but all based on others. We learn to trust others, even more than we trust ourselves, let alone the Universe, or let alone ourselves as the Universe (Divine beings).
Thus, as our energy flow rises to the Sacral Chakra (our center of power, creativity, and sexuality) its expression bases itself upon our experience(s) with the first chakra, our broad sense of connection, and trust. While our Sacral Chakra centers more on personal relationships, we are already constricted at the root. We are already suppressed by empty connection (separation) and lack of
​(or misplaced) trust.
     So our question becomes,

​“How do we regain a sense of Oneness, and a sense of Trust?”
Step 1 is to recognize and embrace the divine essence of everyone and ourselves; and within that, we are One.
We have become dysfunctional in our separateness from our spiritual essence and ourselves; that alone leads to sensing isolation and lack of trust. Isolation leads to a sense of spiritual death, an emotional death (oft depression and anxiety), disempowerment, and futility. A lack of trust denies desire and growth, a vicious cycle destine to keep us where we are.
We cannot break the cycle by rationalization or seeing with our mind. We could break the cycle by seeing with our heart, but for too many, the heart remains laden with attachments and failure to forgive; our hearts often wear blinders. Therein
​we cannot feel safe, and we cannot trust.
When we dig deep within our chasms, by throwing aside all else, to the very need to connect and express, we can find desire. By desire alone we can rise; we rise through seeing first as One. Everything is One. But we must experience it, and we must be willing to accept it. Trust in that, and all else falls away.
The uniqueness of our individual existence within the whole (the One) serves to manifest our desire into wholeness through connection and
Step 2 is to recognize and embrace that everything is energy, including we as humans. That is the whole point of experience in “the Energy Orgy”.   Link opens in a new window or tab

We can learn to share in this powerful dynamic. 
​It is the way to experience the Oneness.
Our sexuality can certainly have physical components; we as spiritual beings are walking this earth in a human body, and that body is physical. Our problem is that we have forgotten that we are in fact, spiritual (energy) beings.
We radiate energy from within; we receive energy from all that is about us, near and far. Not everyone can see the energies, but everyone can feel the energies. Our body registers them instantly. 

The only thing that can hinder our joy in that sharing is our choice to allow it. That is part of acceptance; accepting “What is.” That is also part of being in the Now, being present, being alive.
Everything is about the choices we make. It begins with simple awareness and discernment. Reclaiming our sexuality is one the most healthy ways of growing into wholeness of being. It is as vital as the food we eat and the air we breathe. It’s all a choice. 

Do you dare to share as One?
Guru Jah here ...
A sense of connection, a sense of self-expression, our divine essence as One.  Guru Jah here ...
We welcome any and all comments, questions, and dialog
to encourage everyone's deeper understanding.
Guru Jah here ...
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