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      Virtually everyone understands energy in the simplest terms of electricity. Even if the best they know is that they pay a bill every month and thus can flip a switch to have light, they understand that they have energy at their disposal. That’s pathetic, but the mundane understanding of energy doesn’t go much further than that. And if you listen to an electrician, it is understandable.
     But energy is far more than simple electricity. Eisenstein’s famous E=mc2 may sound complicated, but what we need to understand from it is this: His “equation expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other*.” That is a far cry from what the electrician will tell you, but we must wrap our heads around the fact that everything is energy. If we do nothing else but realize that everything is made of atoms, we can begin to realize the greater truth of “everything is energy,
and energy is power”.

*Sidney Perkowitz per Britannica
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     Just to get perspective of our potential energy power, consider
the work of Joshua Carroll in a posting on September 24, 2014**

“…just one human being is roughly the equivalence of 1.86 MILLION kilotons of TNT worth of energy. Let’s now put that into perspective, just
to illuminate the massive amount of power that this equivalence really is.

The bomb that destroyed Nagasaki in Japan during World War II was devastating. It leveled a city in seconds and brought the War in the Pacific to a close. That bomb was approximately 21 kilotons of explosives. So that means that I, 1 human being, have 88,403 times more explosive energy in me than a bomb that destroyed an entire city… and that goes for every human being.”


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     We are made of atoms, which are energy; mass and energy are the same.
AND, we can change its form.
     Thought alone is also formable energy. This may disturb our senses of Divinity, but even if one is coming from a purely Christian standpoint, consider simple prayer; it is thought, with anticipation of manifestation. Others will see it as intent. Our thoughts create, they manifest, and they change what is. That is energy at work, and everything is energy, even what we call Divine Essence (by any name). We, and that divine essence are the same, including creative capability, including changing “what is.”
     During various workshops and training, i take people through an exercise as a simple demonstration of changing “what is.” Without utilizing any hypnotic methods, i have them align their index fingers in a precise manner, which, most often reveals one finger to be shorter than the other. The shortest finger (or dominate if neither is shorter) is then stretched toward me as the participant closes their eyes. I then invite them to see the various components of that finger elongating. In less than a minute, when they precisely put their fingers back together, the outstretched finger will have grown … measurably.
     This exercise does not work for everyone. Why? It doesn’t work because some people are too entrenched in their mind with “what is.” Others are so skeptic, in fear of manipulation, that they cannot even trust to commence in the exercise. The most ironic to me was a man proclaiming it to be a trick (albeit it worked for him); yet he purports himself as a spiritual leader and energy worker, and for some of what i’ve seen of him, it’s true; but even he could not accept his own power.
We are that we are ... pure energy.  Own it ... Be it ... Live it ...
     Power, it is what we fear, yet it is what we are. We are energy, we are power, we have the ability to wield it. The entire Universe is of the same energy. It will share and be with us as much
as we are willing to handle. We have a choice.
     Of course there is an irony to that choice of power. For example, in the beginning of my studies of karate over eight years, I entered a dojo as a novice white belt. The very first thing they taught us was a highly effective killing-blow; deliverable in a split-second. They then proceeded teaching us how to be able to use it. To this day, almost four decades later, it remains my default should I ever need it. The point is this; I have never had to use it, not even close. Simply embracing the capacity to wield that kind of “destructive” power becomes owning power within and of ourselves. While we may never need to deliver that application of power, we can embrace it without even showing it; we own it, it does not own us.
     If we go back to simple electricity as energy, we can understand that its power is neither good nor bad. Sure, electricity can kill someone, and we tend to deem that as bad. But it also provides us with lights and warmth, which we deem as good. The perception of difference is within us; electricity (power) does not care nor discriminate; it simply “is.” Our choice becomes simply to accept that power “is,” and use it accordingly, or not; and if not, it is we that suffer.
     Our limitations on embracing the power of energy are complex, but simple. The biggest limitation is that we think in physical terms, terms of mass we can hold in our hands, and terms of what we can see with our eyes. Light is energy, it is power, we can see it in many ways, it even contributes to relative mass, but we cannot hold it in our hands (so we think). It is a vibration or waves of energy and is the basis of actual formation of matter. Atoms absorb light; we are a composite of atoms; and we are the light (waves of vibration – subatomic particles) at our core, within us en masse.
     The next arena of limitation is our mind, a mind full of perceptions. Some perceptions help us cope with this plane of existence; some like judgment, duality, right or wrong, emotions of the past, and the mass consciousness all contribute to ignoring and dismissing energy (even light) as power. For most people, the energy of our being, our very existence, is unknown; and most people fear the unknown; thus, they fear power.
     We are manifest in pure form for this plane, but not unfettered by limitations.
     Our task becomes this: Simply choose between our existence in the physical perceptions of existence, or choose to experience what we truly are. 


     Make the latter of choice, and you become an expressive  dimension of the Divine Essence of All. 
Enlightenment, it is the being of our truth, the power of energy.
     The deeper we embrace the power of our energy, the more we can do with it, the more our limits diminish, and the more whole we become. Your will becomes manifest, but your will is also the will of the All.
     The energy (power) to destroy …
is the same energy (power) to love [and heal].

Guru Jah here …
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When we embrace our power, we own it, it does not own us.  Our failure to embrace it ... is our suffering.
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The energy (power) to destroy ... is the same energy (power) to Love and to Heal.