Growing Pains
     As we experience this world, we find ourselves saturated with thoughts and ideals before we exit the womb. Progressing then, as we grow through childhood and into our adulthood, we struggle to sort out the overabundance of information we continue to receive. For most of us then, that struggle is painful.
     We study and learn from various sources to fulfill ideals we think are our own, but they are not. Ideals we absorbed came from our parents, school, religion, businesses, the government, and worst of all, the mass consciousness. What we learn is to label and identify ourselves within these structures of being, and from that, shall come forth our purpose. Based on those structures, we infuse a purpose, the very reason we are here at all, the reason we exist; who we are and what we shall do. It is the way of the world, or so we think.
     Our problem is this, by the way our brain is constructed, and thus our inclination of perspective, everything has a specific place and function. Our brain operates like a computer, separating and filing data. This computer brain has global templates to dictate various categories of behavior for all those files it creates; those templates are generally our emotional overlay. [See more at Guru Shorts – Feeling the Motion of E.]
      When we came forth as a being, we
knew greater truth, but the teachings
we encountered differed. We came
forth knowing a sense of connection
to the Divine All, with great clarity.
We came forth to grow, and did so accordingly. We did exactly what the Universe does; it grows. And in the big picture, there is no other “purpose.” There is but one purpose in all of existence: to grow.
Our earthly presence is simply to be, to exist.
Our only purpose, is to grow.
     In being, we certainly “do.” But that is just the expression of our existence; it is not an obligation
to task, it is not a purpose. A flower blooms not for applause, it blooms because it is. Our only purpose is to grow. Everything else is trappings of the mind and will of the mass consciousness. These are not truth.
     Everything in the Universe, except we as humans, just “is.” Everything is simply an expression of unlimited potential, without purpose by identity of being. Everything just “is.” Everything, everything in the Universe, simply grows.
     And that growth is a never-ending cycle of birth and death. That too is the way of the Universe by function; create, and then destroy. But that is not our being, our very essence. We are the energy, the Very Essence of All, as is everything; and that never dies, it only transforms. It transforms into something new, always in the now. And it simply grows. That is the singular purpose. We express ourselves because we exist; it is the nature of “being.” But even that, is not our purpose, it is our state of being.

     Our purpose is to grow.
     The more we drop the labels, and the assumed purpose of mankind, the more we step into realization of Oneness and into Bliss. We find freedom, freedom to be, freedom to express, freedom to grow. Mankind would that it be otherwise; it is how it exists, it is how
it perpetuates itself. It is not unto truth of our being.
     Our pains in the initial growing years were the pains of absorption, trying to fit in, fit into a world belying the nature of our existence. Our next round of pain is the letting go, letting go of beliefs and ideals to which we became attached. That includes the struggle between our protective ego of “I” and assumed purpose. The rewards on the other side of that last round of pains are as expansive as the Universe itself.
Simply “be” because you are existence.
Simply “do” as an expression of that existence. Simply grow.
There is no other purpose but to grow.

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Guru Jah here ...
     Thus, our inclination is to associate individual differences in everything, including ourselves, and it is easy to fall into this paradigm. When we are growing up for instance, we are a dependant being as a child, and then at some point we identify ourselves as an independent adult. We begin assigning identifiers, labels unto our being. By our thought process then, it appears natural to say, “I am a mother,” I am a father,”
“I am a farmer,” and the list goes on. We translate these identifiers as our purpose of existence. We gratify our ego “I” in saying we are a, “_____________,” and that
is our purpose. There is an irony such thinking.
Consider if you will, adopting a personal outlook of yourself as playing a role.

​​That role has a purpose, but you are not that role; you are only filling that role for the Now.

Guru Jah here ...​​
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