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The pages you are about to view are an experiment;
​they are the actual content of our book release:
​“Deepen Love and Happiness with Healthy Anger:
​A guide to Owning and Expressing our Feelings.”
Contextually herein, they are addressed as “Healthy Anger.”
Blessings there ...
Of course we want to sell copies of the book in its various forms; but, the information needs to available to the people, sale of a book or not. If through the course of time, we have staggering numbers of page hits contrasted with minimal book sales, we may take another look at this experiment. But for now, the book is both for sale, and it is free.
Our vision: Creating a truly happier and healthier humanity within which we all might dwell; it begins with each and every one of us.
The book synopsis:

We all experience various degrees of Love and Happiness. But when
​you are ready to deepen those experiences, you will need this book.

We have designed this writing to maximize getting you to Deeper Love and Happiness through understanding anger in a very different way.

Anger is not our enemy. Anger is the front line defense to hurt feelings.
Within these pages, you will be directed through a formula for Healthy Anger, the Steps of Discovery, the Five Steps of Finding Anger Issues, and, seeing the Six Steps to Forgiving in a unique perspective. These processes take us to the core of our hurt feelings and emotions in a way to resolve them. The end result is a sense of freedom to trust ourselves opening up to far deeper expressions of love and happiness, for ourselves and in our relationships.
We incorporate over 60 illustrations to impart visual understanding of key points that can stay with the reader far better than just the written word. Print editions of this work are available in both Full Color and a Black & White [Greyscale] version.
And for the Digital Readers, we offer a Full Color eBook Release which will appear in various formats … ISBN: 978-0-9914504-3-5

Only $9.99
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The print versions of this book have specific pages set aside for readers to make important notes from the exercises. Since this presentation of the book is akin to the e-Book versions, the language of those page referrals is altered accordingly. “Healthy Anger” is an exact duplication of the e-Book with the following exception: spacing, ISBN inclusion, the "next page" button, and the "Heal Thy Anger" icon.
[Editorial Note: Some few readers may find language chosen to impart characterization as unseemly.]

Blessings on your journey, and happy reading.

Guru Jah here …
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                                              ​All others are sole creations of, and fully copyrighted by, Guru Jah.

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