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     Amidst the battering of life’s diversions, I began to realize that so much about Moksha Magick is unstated. The world lives in a vacuum of sexual openness as it is. Don’t show it, don’t talk about it
… sexuality is used for sales, but otherwise leaves most people feeling dirty and trashed.
     Thus came forth the idea of group discussion. If we the Practitioners of Moksha Magick came forth in multiple voices, each with their own perceptions, each with their own expressions, then perhaps we can convey the greater truth
​of the Moksha Magick experience.
     Our meet-up consists of potluck dinning before any ritual practicing. It represents part of the bonding, part of the sharing, part of engaging as One. It is only natural to partake in this about the kitchen table, and what a beautiful place to engage in pertinent conversation.
     My role in this was not to lead the discussion with personal dissertation; in fact, I posed the question and shut my mouth. My role was to listen, to listen and take exacting notes.
The question put to the session:
​"What do you get out of Moksha Magick?”
Participant B:

Intimacy – connection
It is about people, not sex – letting go of shields and fears
I enjoy raising energy
It is recharging, it moves my energy, keeps it from going stale
Energetically, as being the “center”, it becomes being the individual and the group
As the “stimulator”, it is a thought process in working with the “center”
Removes the pressure to “get it right”
Relieves missing sexuality being okay, a token of society, even a hug, too conditional
And of course then, there is me. Oddly, I stated nothing of what shall follow. The whole intent was to hear from the people what is real for them.
For me, Participant D:

​​Our Sexuality is an expression of Sacred Communion, of coming together as One. It is as I know of the Universe in whole. It fulfills the essential needs of both the Universe and we as humans, a sense of connection, and a sense of self-expression.
There is a twang of disappointment in that “safety” still holds place in the ritual aspects. It is a reflection of our human fears, a lack of trust. Moksha Magick though, does carry us far closer to eliminating those fears and embodies a greater sense of trust. If I sense that a group is too hung up on their fears [as lack of trust],
​I can choose roles to support them, but do not need
​to embody those fears unto myself.
It must be noted here that the “safety” aspect holds immense value. It is not my intent to diminish that aspect. “For me” though, if a participant needs to wear examination gloves to touch me, that is a no-go. I do not want to be, nor will I treat another, as though they are dirty; that is what the gloves represent to “me.”
​If those are the needs of another, that is fine for them,
​but it alters roles I will assume accordingly.
For me our sexuality is about the energies. While the flesh has place, and “can” be a nice part of the experience, sex of [for] the flesh leaves me hollow. If a sexual encounter is too physical, as though our spirit energies have no place, without energetic connection, my soul feels abused. If it is overt enough, I feel raped, raped by lack of truth for what is real to me*. Moksha Magick takes us to that energetic expression as its foundation.
*This experience occurs in partnerships wherein a partner pushes forward with sexual expression without honoring, or engaging my personal needs [or level] of energetic union prior to the “act.” It is as though they are only present [at most] within themselves and has virtually nothing to do with a union of “us.” In those times, I feel used and abused, sometimes even raped.
meaning to spiritually free,
​let go, release, liberate
The very expression of the Universe is intercourse,
​an absolute sharing as One. It is sharing in Oneness without limitations, without barriers or boundaries, without the ego of “I.”
​As spiritual beings, there is no “I,” there is only we.
Moksha Magick becomes a clear and definitive experience of attaining my embracing Moksha simultaneously with other people. [Moksha is to experience oneness with Brahma, the One Supreme Self; we are that Divine Essence.]
And I think that lastly, for the point of this discussion, Moksha Magick creates a base from which to operate that we might bring Sacred Sexuality to the masses,
​to the people. We can bring an element of healing
​and wholeness to those whom need it so desperately. Society sexually abuses us; Moksha Magick is a way of standing up and saying, “NO MORE.”

​Guru Aum Jah here ...​

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We welcome any and all comments, questions, and dialog
to encourage everyone's deeper understanding.
Guru Jah here ...
For myself, human loneliness runs rampant, for the human tendency is to separate, to dwell in
​the “I.” Moksha Magick opens the door to “We.”
Moksha Magick identifies us as spiritual beings, energy beings … that which is truth, truth as I know it.
Moksha Magick greatly diminishes that sense of human loneliness for me.
Participant C:

It is about intimacy and connection in an emotional way
It is a way of meeting the need to be touched
It is a celebration of sexuality in a natural and beautiful way
It eliminated the dirtiness
It is about being in community, not hiding, being openly sacred
It is a celebration in connecting to the Divine through sexuality ​as a sacred gift
Participant A:

​​It is an energy exchange more than anywhere else; ​more energy awareness.
Healing of my Mind, Emotions, Physical Body, and Spirit
To manifest my intentions
Sense of connection to everything
Free – open – no barriers
Primal as though an ancient rite
My mind wondered, “What is my deep drive to experience and share Moksha Magick?” “Why is it so important to me?” And then, “How might
​I convey that to others?” I rambled through my personal reasoning and concluded that of course, I would write of it. Yet my reasoning alone, is just that, singular. Moksha Magick represents more than singular to me; in fact, to me that is the whole point in a nutshell.
Since the time of this writing in May of 2015, Kitchen Table Moksha has become a regular feature of virtually every Moksha Group Session.  It serves well the expansion and understanding of Moksha Magick for all the participants. 
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