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     W hat that showed me was just how fantastic it can feel
​to be truly accepted. Oh, it’s not that the church people were really interested in anything more than their kind gesture. That part was such a hit and run it left my head spinning trying to see if they were really there. They fed the animals and disappeared lest they get caught up getting to know too many of the people. But that’s okay, at least they came forth.
     For just that while, I got to sit and really feel accepted as a homeless being … that experience was more a sense of home than I can begin to describe.

     I just did something I never, ever, dreamt I’d do …
​when I went for a smoke break, a man came out from the library just to talk to me. He told me about the free feeding every day for the homeless in a park just a block away; his telling included an invitation to join.
     Never in a million years would I have said yes, but today I did. [So much for a million years.]
      I chose to lay aside all the reasons I would never consider doing that, and I joined in line. The meal was meager in many ways, but oddly, it was fantastically filling.
​Filling by more than food.
     P lant City FL. has always struck me as more accepting than virtually any place I’ve wandered.
​It’s a hole in the middle of nowhere. It’s hardly above armpit poor. But I’ve never seen the homeless run off, degraded, hassled, or rejected in any way. I value a city by how it treats the homeless. There is a facility
​in the works here to include showers and other accommodations, even a shuffleboard.
     So much of the world is rejection based for virtually everything. Proof and value of every inch in existence must be had before we can trust … trust enough to simply accept. And g-d forbid, acceptance without judgment, boundaries and barriers, do’s and don’ts, rules out the ass …
​we hold people to a level of inhuman perfection.
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     The very first need in the Universe, and for we as humans, is a sense of connection. We will never have a sense of connection without acceptance. Acceptance is the beginning foundation of Love itself. Without acceptance, we have nothing. And that acceptance truly begins with ourselves. When we cannot accept ourselves, we will never accept another; and the beat goes on.
     I f I need to stand accountable as
​a homeless being to feel acceptance, then so be it.

​​Never dreamt of, but accepted.

Guru Aum Jah here ...​​
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