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​    Magick
​        for Couples
An aspect of Moksha Magick
meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate
with the Guru of Moksha,
​Guru Aum Jah
Moksha Magick practices can change your worldview,
your life, your depth of intimacy,
and open the fullest expression of your True Self.
Thank you for your choice!
Guru Jah here ...
Your wisdom and commitment in this exclusive training, to both yourself and your partner of choice, is a blessed act. We honor that commitment as a deep expression of trust between all parties concerned.
Attendance in Moksha Magick for Couples [couples meaning two people] must be with a sexual partner of choice. 
All gender orientations are welcome.
Each participant must complete this registration form separately.
You must indicate by name the partner of choice who shall be attending with you. 
That partner of choice must also register within 24 hours or we shall reject your registration.
Simply fill out the form below, click submit, and we will forward you to the PayPal payment screen. Any form submitted without payment shall be rejected.

Moksha Magick for Couples Registration

Each participant must complete this registration form separately. GuruJah.org reserves the right to reject any registration at our sole discretion. Any funds received in the case of rejection will be refunded in full.
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