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​    Magick
​        for Individuals
An aspect of Moksha Magick
meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate
with the Guru of Moksha,
​Guru Aum Jah
When we looked at the question, “Is Moksha Magick Right for Me? ”* the first category of consideration was about Connection. Much like a prelude to loving others through learning to love yourself first, Moksha Magick for Individuals takes you to Moksha of the Self. What are looking at is the Connection of you, to you, on every level, which includes your Divine Self. That is what Moksha Magick for Individuals offers in a nutshell. And that is empowering. It empowers you through:
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We welcome any and all comments, questions, and dialog
to encourage everyone's deeper understanding.
Guru Jah here ...
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Harnessing the power of our Sexuality and fusing it with our
​Divine Essence in Sacredness, that is Moksha Magick.
Taking that infusion to manifest Magick, that is Moksha Magick.
Liberation and Empowerment, that is Moksha Magick.
A sense of Connection and Self-expression, that is Moksha Magick.
Sharing our Divine Essence as One, that is Moksha Magick.
Healing the needs of the people as seen by them, that is Moksha Magick.

Additional information is also available at: The Temple of Devine Ecstasy
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Moksha Magick practices can change your worldview,
your life, your depth of intimacy,
and open the fullest expression of you True Self.
It’s your choice!
Guru Jah here ...
For Open Road Training Availability Contact via Email:   Guru Aum Jah
Phone:   813-704-8949​​
Blessings on your coming to fullness through Moksha Magick for Individuals. Your trust afforded to this training is an honor unparalleled.

Guru Jah here …
Testimony to the healing of engaging in Moksha Magick below ...
In Testament

​​From Dr. Anya:         dranya.net
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Thanks so much for a wonderful, truly transformative Moksha class!

I feel so grateful and blessed, invigorated and awe-struck!

And ... A massive thanks for teaching Moksha.

Yesterday was truly transformative.
My life now will be divided into Everything That Happened Before Yesterday
and Everything After.

You are so filled with goddess!
What an abundance you shared with us all!

From our Moksha training classes: 2014
In Testament

From Christine:

Phenomenal!! I am not the same person
I was this morning.

​Thank you so much for bringing this to us!

And so much gratitude to everyone who was on my "table" that was a truly ecstatic experience holy moly... and no, no flowers for anyone =)

It has indeed been a matter of Before & After...

I have had several things shift energetically in these last weeks and I've been a little distracted!

The way I cycle Earth/Divine energy has changed, I am more open to the magick at The Farm, and the lid is being ripped rather dramatically off of a serious energy exchange with a certain individual.

Even my body physically responds differently... I have sensitivity in my g-spot that wasn't there before that was definitely lit up during the ritual!! Woot!!

From our Moksha training classes: 2014
Open Road Training

​Moksha Magick overview presentations are available
​for Festivals and Gatherings

​Moksha Magick Level I & II training is available separately
Check our Events Page* for current locations

​Travel fees may apply dependent on your location and my current venue. Details on the Scholarship Page. 
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• Empowering yourself through Soulful Intimacy with Your True Self
• Conscious Self-Sacred Sexuality
• Self-Magickal Manifestation
• Divine Connection
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Our Mission: To provide an authentic voice in freedom and empowerment to people suppressed and silenced in sexual lives of desperation, fear, shame, and guilt through lifting the veil of misguided information and Sexuality perspectives, augmented by empowering people’s lives through understanding how they Magickally create their lives.
Of course if you read our page on “Moksha in Moksha Magick” you would immediately recognize Moksha as experiencing others and ourselves as Divine Essence by any name. When we speak of Moksha Magick for Individuals, a quandary can arise, “Who are the others?” The answer is quite simply, the Divine Essence which is also outside of us by any name and any nature. The objective is to embrace the expansiveness of our Being far beyond thinking of just ourselves alone in the Universe. 
The ultimate Divine manifestation is in unification with yourself
​and the Universal Divine by any name. It affords you the ultimate starting point to embody the Magick of Moksha fully. This becomes THE most important Training Opportunity you shall ever undertake.
Naturally, everyone has concerns since this is indeed training in a Sacred Sexuality Rite with Magickal Intentions. Thus before going any farther into describing Moksha Magick for Individuals Training, we remind you of the one concept that prevails in all Moksha Magick Training Opportunities; that concept is the comfort and safety of everyone involved. Right from our Training Manuals:

Rule # 1
The first and foremost priority in our Moksha Magick Ritual is the comfort and safety of all practitioners.

In every aspect of Moksha Magick, our goal is to create a container of Safety and Comfort for everyone, including YOU.
Join us on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 11:00am to 7:00pm
Registration NOW OPEN
but closing on Nov. 03rd at 7:00pm​
Our Venue:

This hosting is located in Sarasota FL, a vacationing hotspot known for the Ringling Brother’s Museum and the Siesta Key's renowned 99% white-quartz-sand, Siesta Beach. SRQ International Airport is 11 short miles to our venue site in Sarasota FL’s eclectic small business Gulf Gate District. The Wild Ginger Apothecary: Studio + Lounge* affords a sense of safety and comfort in a public setting with appropriate privacy. 6553 Superior Ave, Sarasota, Florida 34231
*link opens in a new tab or window
P.S. Participating in Moksha Magick for Individuals does NOT qualify participants
​to engage in Moksha Magick Group Sessions. Separate training in Moksha Magick Level I is required to qualify for participation in Moksha Magick Group Sessions. 
Benefits of Moksha Magick for Individuals:

• Self-acceptance
• Self-empowerment
• Self-healing
• Higher Creativity
• Sacredness in your sexuality
• A sense of Mastery over life
• Finding your True Self
• Embodying your True Self
The Benefits are priceless and lifelong. Your investments in yourself are eight hours of your time, the courage to take this opportunity to empower your life, and $120 in registration fees. You must preregister to attend this Training Opportunity … no exceptions.

YES, I invite myself to Moksha Magick
Register Now 

Moksha Magick for Individuals
November 04th, 2017 11:00am to 7:00pm

In order to really do that, we need to begin with ourselves,
​and embrace our own Spiritual Essence; it becomes a place of embodying the Divine within. Even if the language you prefer is the Unified Field as opposed to suppositions of Spirituality, we are still on the same page, everything is Connected.
That Safe Container is a personal promise without exception. We may shake your foundations with new concepts, but you are never required to participate in anything beyond your personal comfort level.
While at first, it may have seemed odd to talk about individual connection, that is where we really must start. When we make connection with ourselves as humans and as Divine Beings, and then further infuse that with connection to the greater ALL by any name, we empower ourselves.
In order to facilitate that connection, our first step in Moksha Magick for Individuals utilizes revelations of Moksha combined with an experiential exercise of ancient Vedic Divine Infusion practices. These practices originate from the earliest Vedic writings on the Chakras. This alone takes you into Divine embodiment at a deeper level than our training in any other Moksha Magick Training Opportunities, bar none.
Those experiential exercises continue in ways as simple as meditative focused breathing. That may sound too mundane, and yet, once you have been taken there and experienced it through our guidance, even touching your hand to your heart, almost everyone will note a distinct before-and-after difference. You will have experienced the Moksha TouchTM. It activates the Divine within which flowers your heart toward Self-Love and sharing in Love. The Moksha TouchTM becomes how you touch you; and at your choice, it makes a difference in how you touch others in whatever way is appropriate.
The Moksha TouchTM is not just about sex, it is about touching with Divine Presence through our hands and through our eyes. The deeper we embody the Moksha TouchTM, it actually radiates out through our entire body. It is an expression of Self-Love and healing that can transcend any negativity, and every obstacle.
The end result: Deeper Self-Love all aiding toward the love of others. It eliminates Love Relationships based on:
• Loneliness
• A sense of incompleteness
• Desperation and Fear
​You become the Master of Love from the inside out.
During your Moksha Magick for Individuals Training Opportunity, we include focusing on “Sacred Sexuality.” We afford you a working definition of Sexuality that you can plug into your Sexual experiences with clarity and purpose. It all answers the question, “What makes Sexuality Sacred?”
• Experiencing yourself as Divine
• Experiencing a sense of Oneness with the All
• The direct link of Divine power behind Sexuality
• The totality of your interwoven Sexual States and Energies
• Unification of Sexuality in passion, pleasure, creativity, and 
  ​power as the very elements of the Divine itself
We don’t stop there though, there’s more. Moksha Magick for Individuals brings you to experience Acceptance of your own body and flesh as the Divine expression of YOU. Embodying the Divine does not leave your flesh behind; rather it opens you up to real Appreciation of your physical being. This training phase affords you the opportunity to experience and love your flesh as no one else ever has, let alone you. While it may feel awkward at first,
You become your own healer. You become your most trusted friend. 
You become your own best lover, all between you and the Divine.
As one trainee put it in his review, “I will be a better partner/lover in future relationships.” He had come to true and full understanding of the Moksha Magick for Individuals Training Opportunity. It all begins within you, but the experience broadens as you go forth into the world with greater self-knowing, self-presence, and empowerment in everything you ever do. It manifests in:
• Personal Integrity
• Attracting appropriate partnerships
• Having more to offer any partnership
• The personal ability to Love openly and fully
This gift of You, from You to You, can never be taken away.
In our definition of Sacred Sexuality we point out that Sacred Sexuality is experiencing others and ourselves as Divine Beings sharing as One. This happens in a multitude of ways. Most simplistically, you have you in flesh, you as Divine within your flesh, and the now unified Divine of the ALL by any name; it is a sacred Triad.
During this guided training in Self-Acceptance and Self-Appreciation of our physical body, we discover that our entire body is a sexual organ in every way. In this phase of training, participants will be exploring their Acceptance and Appreciation of their physical bodies as clothing optional. Because this phase is so important for everyone, we do set guidelines.
Again, the Comfort and Safety of everyone is our first priority. Our Training Opportunity is neither a peep show nor a flash-it-all marathon. It is about You coming to full presence and Acceptance of You.
To that end, we request that attendees come prepared with either of 2 blankets or sheets [a mix thereof is fine]. You shall need one for the floor that you leave no trace behind and the other as a discretionary cloak as desired or needed. We shall make every effort to position attendees with a sense of semi-private space, as this exploration is your personal exploration.
Additionally, bring something to sit yourself upon the floor with, such as a yoga block or zafu by which you can sit upright. During training, we shall discuss the importance of this seating position. If physical impairments prohibit such seating, we will work with you to find alternative approaches.
Clothing Optionalduring this Acceptance and Appreciation of your physical body means just that, every participant is free to decide his or her own level of comfort and exposure. We invite those wishing to remain partially or fully clothed to do so. It is all about your own personal level of Comfort and Safety for You.
A question often asked is, “Are we paired up with partners?” The answer is a very loud NO !!! This is about you in Union with your Divine Self and no one else.
If you walked away with nothing more than outlined above, your world would change in ways that far outweigh the cost of attending, but we don’t stop there. As a Training Bonus, we provide elementary Energy Training. Why? We include this so our trainees can fully understand and experience themselves as Energy Beings. This Training Bonus aids in how to work your Energy, play with your Energy, how to move your Energy, and the power of your Energy as Divine Presence.
Training Bonus #2 is a brief introduction to the Energy Centers known as your Chakras. Why? We offer this additional bonus to provide deeper understanding of the techniques utilized in Moksha Magick for Individuals. Knowing how these energy centers work makes those techniques vibrantly real in your Ritual experience.
You might think we’re done with the Moksha Magick for Individuals Training Opportunity, but we’re not. There’s more. Surely having come to a state of Moksha and personal healing through the deeper understanding and application of Self- Sacred Sexuality is Magickal all on its own, but we take you further. The Miracles of Magick are real and everyone unwittingly uses magick all the time. People simply do not understand what Magick is. Moksha Magick for Individuals takes the “hocus pocus” out of Magick and we train our participants in down-to-earth, manifestation of real Miracles, aka, Magick.
We teach you the missing ingredients of Magick unaddressed in various occult literature references that can make or break a Magickal Working. Knowing these hidden elements affects your life in empowering personal proactive choice. 

You then find freedom to create exactly what you desire in your personal life. Moksha Magick for Individuals combines the power of your personal Self-Sacred Sexuality in synchronicity with your Divine Self; these are ultimate
​tools for Magickal Workings to create your reality.
Details of Magickal Workings, like so much else in this Training Opportunity, are very deep. Our Training Opportunity focuses far more on the experience and answering questions than trying to hammer details down your throat and expecting you to remember them all.
That’s why we include a - FREE - Moksha Magick for Individuals Manual to every participant so that nothing is missed. Despite utilizing interactive discussion, visual aids and experiential exercises, we all blank out from time to time during training as random distractions grab our attention. Our FREE Manual ensures that you have all the elements to recall and reinforce your training experience in detail for years to come. The Manual does not replace the experience, rather it aids in deeper understanding of what you experience in our Training Opportunity.
Nearing the end of your training, we offer our unique “Unification Attunement” geared toward uniting your Divine presence within and the Universal Divine, further enhancing all aspects of your greater Self, including Sexual and Magickal. Our Attunement is much like a Reiki Attunement. While this “Unification Attunement” is highly recommended, for the safety and comfort of everyone, it is not a requirement of participation.
We list this Moksha Magick for Individuals Training Opportunity as eight-hours-long, which includes a lunch break. The “official training,” including lunch is seven-hours-long. After the “official” training, we offer a FREE, actual post-training Moksha Magick Ritual Session for Individuals. Registration fees are only for the official training session and manual as separate from our offering for an actual post-training Moksha Magick Ritual Session for Individuals.

Thus, you are paying for seven-hours of Training and getting the eighth-hour FREE, only if and as desired.

The point of offering this FREE post-training Moksha Magick Ritual Session for Individuals is to afford participants the experience of the Ritual. Participants performing the Ritual under guidance aids in relieving any senses of confusion and awkwardness.
Again, the Comfort and Safety of everyone is our first priority. Like the earlier Self-Acceptance exercise, our Post-Training Opportunity is neither a peep show nor a flash-it-all marathon. It is about You experiencing your Personal Ritual fully and not being left on your own to figure out what just happened.
In the light of modesty, for the potential safety and comfort of all participants, those wishing not to participate in the FREE post-training Moksha Magick Ritual Session for Individuals, may depart before the optional Ritual, in dignity, and with full respect for your choice. All attending participants will still receive the FREE in-depth manual taking you through every technique as taught. You will be fully capable of performing the Ritual on your own.
This Post-Training Ritual is again, entirely clothing optional. While personal accessories of choice may enhance your Session experience, we do not provide those, please honor your own personal needs.
Additionally, you will still need your yoga block or zafu by which you can sit upright. That seating position is important. If physical impairments prohibit such seating, we will work with you to find alternative approaches. We shall make every effort to position all attendees in semi-private space, as this Ritual is your personal Ritual. 

At its conclusion will be a Q&A session. During sharing in the Q&A follow-up, participants may discover invaluable further understanding of their experience in a safe container of Acceptance, Trust, and Love.

​ Participation in this post-training Ritual is entirely optional.
That Safe Container is a personal promise without exception.
We may ask, “Why have a Sacred Sexuality Ritual with Magickal Intention?”
• It aids in breaking a mundane feel to Sexual Expression
• It establishes a sense of Sacredness that spills over into mundane experiences
• It aids in freeing us from issues of fear, guilt, shame, and performance
• It provides a platform for leaving emotional baggage behind
• It can aid as a tool in rectifying past sexual trauma
• It offers a mechanism of immense healing
• It focuses on Acceptance and Appreciation
• It aids in relieving the inclination that we must hide Sexuality as something wrong
• It provides a platform for Sexually expressing your True Self as real and vibrant
• It recognizes the beauty, power, passion, and pleasure of Sexuality as healthy
• It affords the tools of respectfully honoring our Sexual Expression
• It provides a positive shift in our Sexual Consciousness and worldview
• It provides a deeper and more meaningful Sexual experience and outlook
• It aids in opening our eyes to see the True beauty of others and ourselves
• It offers an unparalleled sense of Transcendence and Bliss
• It instills a sense of feeling humanly and Divinely Appreciated [Loved]
• It fulfills a sense of Connection and Oneness
• It integrates conscious awareness of our True Self and our humanness as united
• It affords naturally powerful communication with the Divine by any name
• It is the most powerful method of raising energy for Magickal Workings
Attendance in Moksha Magick for Individuals is limited and only offered in FL biannually. To avoid the disappointment of a last minute registration only to find it closed [full], please register early.
We are delighted to have acquired a venue for biannual Training Opportunities in Abington, PA. These dates shall be in the later Spring and early Fall of 2018. To receive advance notification of dates forthcoming, simply join our email list for automatic updates.
To join Our Email List ...
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We do provide a lite lunch for all participants during the “official training,” but we cannot accommodate special dietary needs. You may address any questions to Guru Aum Jah via the “Contact Us” tab at http://GuruJah.org or by calling 813-704-8949.
P.P.S.  About THE Moksha Touch TM
with Guru Aum Jah
of www.GuruJah.org

Moksha Magick for Individuals, Moksha Magick for Couples, and THE Moksha TouchTM are unique to Training Opportunities in Moksha Magick with Guru Aum Jah alone.
While it feels somewhere between absurd and unthinkable to include any such disclaimers as what follows, the sex-education world has embraced the buzzword, “Intersectionality.” Moksha Magick as a Training Opportunity and a Practice never has, and never will tolerate discrimination based on Privilege, Gender, Race, Creed, Color, National Origin, Religious Affiliations, Physical Impediments or Stature, Gender and Sexual Orientations or Gender Identities, or any considerations included in the broad sense of Intersectionality. If you are a human being, you are welcomed. Extraterrestrial Aliens are subject to approval under the Safety and Comfort guidelines for everyone involved. All that said, yes, a trainee or participant must be of the minimal age of majority in the state to which they reside.
From Carrie :
Wow, :) I feel like a Brand New Person and Honored.
From Lolita

Out of all my other Sacred Sex experiences, Moksha Magick has been superior!
• What if you could experience a sense of unending connection and eliminate emptiness?

• What if you could realize the Divine Spark within you and let it radiate throughout you at your command?

• What if you could come to deeper self-acceptance and feeling honored?

• What if you could experience the sacredness of your most personally intimate self-expression as transcendent?

• What if you could realize yourself as powerful, free, and in full command of your life?

• What if you could tap into self-healing through your own sense of Grace?

Training in Moksha Magick for Individuals opens the door to all of this.

Moksha Magick: A Sacred Sexuality Rite with Intentionality toward the Miracles of Magick
Registration closes
Nov. 03rd at 7:00 pm​
Registration closes
Nov. 03rd at 7:00 pm​