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     Okay, if you have read much on this website, you will know that my thinking is just a little outside the norm of mainstream humanity. And then there is Moksha Magick. Well, dare I suggest that my perspective in Moksha Magick is not necessarily the same as everyone else’s?
     Sunday, April 19th, 2015, we are doing a Moksha session before leaving All World Acres. It is a small group; there are only four of us. In the very beginning of the ritual, as we set our intention, ole Aum cannot help but speak out, especially in a private group. You see, one of those differences of perspectives comes from
​my simplistic “magickal” working background
​… be specific.
     Normal Moksha Magick rituals allow everyone to have a private intention in addition to the group intention. From my background, that is a huge no-no. Thus, when I teach Moksha Magic, I teach the “intent” portion from my personal perspective. Yeah I know … I am a little over the edge. The very first public magical [not Moksha Magic] group I participated in had people asking me
​if I were a “Ceremonial Magician;”
​I only laughed.
     Magick 101 teaches that we be specific and clear in our intent. For instance in this particular ritual, the group desire was for release of blockages. Okay, each person there could certainly be asking for release of a given personal blockage; and that is fine, the group can be acting as One synergistic energy for “release.” But, if someone in the group wanted prosperity [for instance money], the magical element [from my perspective] would diminish the working. The two “intents” would not mix.
     The Universe [by any name] will only hear the action of intent, it must be clear. If three of the four put out for release, the fourth person is subject to their prosperity [wealth] intent being “released,” [as in negated], and ending up dead broke. At least everyone in the group understood and we were all on the same page, yay!
      I had the privilege to have spent a couple of hours working with “C” earlier in the day. Working? Well, doing what I do,* connecting with her in her struggles, offering her self-permission to heal, and helping her to see the Universal beauty within herself [to see herself as Divine]. We even went to a full-length mirror that she might speak into her own eyes words of acceptance and appreciation. It was a beautiful time; at least in that space of that now, she got it. So why should all that matter?   Well …
*99.8% of that “doing” is really just listening.
     Within the “guide lines or rules” of Moksha Magic, the “moderator” may only touch the “center” on the head as needed in delivering the Universal Energy. The disparity for me became a right presence [or calling] to utilizing Reiki for “C’s” needs; the Universe was directing me full force. Thus, my energy shifted from broad Universal Energy, to Deeksha Energy,
​to Reiki. Yikes!

​​The awkwardness became my instinctual nature to have placed my hands in accordance to the Reiki needs of “C.” It is not that I always touch a Reiki recipient by any means, but that is what I was drawn to do, and the conflict was immediate. For the sake
​of the Moksha session, that it remained pure and proper, I chose to avoid touching “C” in any other manner than ​prescribed by my role as the moderator.”
​There were multiple dynamics at work.
     The Reiki intercession only seemed natural. And there is an irony to it; the creation of Moksha Magick was an outcropping of doing Reiki, of being one with the energies. So of course, it was
​a natural reversion. Furthermore, I have always seen healing as a huge part of Moksha Magick and Sacred Sexuality as a whole. Our sacred sexual expression heals the soul; it was at work here in its purest form. But then, I watched that magnificence prove itself in a way I have never seen in the completion ​of a Moksha Magick session.
“C” fell to sleep.
     We waited, and waited, and waited … eventually, “C” came back into her body just long enough to look around. Her face evinced upon and within, that she had attained Moksha, and was still one with
​it. What a blessing. After that moment
​of reconnection, she again departed her body. Her remaining flesh declared the peace of her soul at peace in her state
​of rest. “C” was healing. For one to recognize her divine essence as she
​had done earlier in the day was a huge gift. The second gift she gave was for me to see the state of Moksha in another as they are experiencing it; such pales any words I could scribe.
​It was sheer perfection …
     In the aftermath, “C” did seem rather disoriented. A day later, she posted that she had virtually no memory of the experience. All I can do smile. I know “C” is not the same; she is on her way.
Thank you “C”
Guru Aum Jah here
I had briefly met “C” the previous day; she attended my workshop on Understanding the Moksha of Moksha Magick.

And Once "C" read this page, she replied to us ...

​​Wow, I feel honored and article shows me why I feel so amazing now :) All bad energy has been gone since I returned home. I feel so blessed to have met you. Thank you for bringing life back to me :)
meaning to spiritually free,
​let go, release, liberate

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Guru Jah here ...
I had already tapped into “C” and through her willingness to be in truth with me, I was well aware of work that needed to done. Within less than a minute or two after starting the Universal Energy flow, I could not
​help but call out the “big guns.”

I did not even think about it, I gave “C” a Deeksha Blessing. Of course I don’t’ think she had a clue as to what I was doing, but I watched her shift and knew she was responding. [Actually, in most Deeksha Blessing scenarios I try to avoid watching such that I change nothing by being an observer. But this time it seemed right.] Yet, when completed, there would need to be more …
The united synergy was there full force. So now, we moved to the table for the actual rite. The young lady [we’ll call her “C”] took position as the “center” whose sexual energy was to be the catalyst for manifesting the “Moksha Magic.” My position was as the “moderator” whose essential role it is to bring Universal Energy into her via her crown. [There are other aspects of that role I held, but we will save those for the classes/training sessions.]
It is a role I enjoy immensely as it seems so natural to me; but this time, there was something different.
Then as always, we joined in a circle to connect with one another, and from there we would state [or prayed for] our collective intent complete with all the trimmings. Here is another quirk ole Aum always likes to push for though … in a circle when joining hands, we turn our thumbs to the left. Why? Because doing that sends the energy around the circle building momentum and creating a positive vortex.

​​But as soon as the energy began to flow, it went click, wrong direction. [Clockwise to build up, Widdershins to undo, remove, bring down.] To my joy, those there were energy sensitive enough to experience the difference when we turned our thumbs to the right, and realize its truth; we proceeded from there. Whew … good group.
While I never would have named Carrie, I am honored at her trust and conviction to have posted her comment ...
                                          Guru Jah here ...​​
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