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​      Magick
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An aspect of Moksha Magick
meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate
Blessings there …

We are presenting this page as an expansion from our page on Solo Scared Sexuality as a foundation for taking your Solo Sexual experience to an intentionally Magickal level. The primary purpose of Moksha Magick is to create Magick, which of course, can have many forms. Magick in this sense is to create change; it’s always up to the Moksha Magick practitioner as to what that change is going to be used for.

A question from our Moksha Magick FAQ happened to include Moksha Magick for Solo Practitioners. The original question was:

Q: What makes Moksha Magick different from other forms of sex magick, especially between couples or solo?
The solo aspect answer is as follows:

A “solo” Moksha Magick experience is highly recommended. Along with the common ritual elements, setting an initial intention to harness and unite our sexual expression with our Divine Essence creates a powerful personal transformation. It elevates and enhances our sexual expression and sexual experience in life. By doing this, we bring forth a far more healed, and powerful sexual sharing with others of choice. We will even attract greater sexual expression into our lives in rewarding ways.

Ritualizing our space for a singular Moksha Magick practice is just as important as it is for a couple or in any size group. The point of making the space ritualistic is firstly that it separates our consciousness from all the distractions and trappings of the mundane world. It aids us in shifting our consciousness. Moreover though, it deepens the commitment to the experience. It becomes our internal voice saying, “Yes, this act I am about to embrace is special and Sacred.”
The classic soft lights and etheric music certainly help, but the setting is more than that. Ritualized space is intentionally unique and luxurious, full of meaningful symbolism, all designed to leave the ordinary behind. Given the aspect of uniting our Divine Essence with our Sexuality, artwork or statuary representing the expression of our sense of the Divine might be highly appropriate. Even etheric music might be ordinary if that represents your common genre; in that case consider a special mantra instead. A Moksha Magick Solo experience is about creating a magickal shift in our reality; there is nothing ordinary about it.
If possible, consider an outdoor setting. Bring only the elements appropriate for that space by recognizing the elements of being outdoors as a sacred space ritualized by the Divine. Here the objective is to be as natural as possible in union with Nature, but still create a way to identify that space as yours, just for you in that time. Our Sexuality is natural, it is Nature at work; bringing yourself into that union is a perfect setting.
Never underestimate the power of the energies you carry. 
A fully embodied Divine presence sends a message of Love in Acceptance and Appreciation for yourself and others. A healed and healthy sexual expression with that Divine Essence comes forth as part of that Loving essence. That energy will be far more widely received, trusted, and Appreciated. You will
​attract appropriate sexual interaction with others of choice;
​it’s an energy we all desire, and need.
Our invitation then, is to do this, really. Even if your personal sexual interests do not tend to express themselves regularly through self-loving masturbation, this Divine infusion will enhance your sexual expression on every occasion,
​whether solo or with another.

We welcome any and all comments, questions, and dialog
to encourage everyone's deeper understanding.
Guru Jah here ...
We must realize that one of our first prerequisites to any Moksha Magick Session shall always remain, “What is the intention for this Ritual?” Intention is just one part of our training classes in Moksha Magick. For those desiring a Moksha Magick Solo experience of Divine Infusion, we have specific tools and techniques for aiding in that objective.
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Once transformed though Divine infusion, we have far less room in our sexual experience for all those uneasy feelings about sexuality that we acquired throughout our life. Our True Self is a dynamically gifted lover, a lover without baggage, fully present, and fully conscious of all the energies we miss in our mundane senses of pleasure. Our sense of pleasure does not disappear, far from it, it elevates for our body no longer rules us. Our Divine Consciousness now rules our body, all its expressions, and all its experiences. And, it holds back nothing.
Quite often in our human experience, we hold onto sexual issues as attachments, sexual issues we have failed to heal. One of the transformations we incur is that of healing through Divine Grace while uniting our sexual expression with our Divine Essence. With our intent of that union, what we are saying to our True Self is that we accept our True Self as the ruling force; we affirm an attachment to it through our union. Lesser attachments turn pale, fade away, and fall from our presence. It is a natural blessing of that union.
Moksha Magick can afford us many aspects of joy, but this section is about the Magick of Moksha Magick. As stated earlier, Moksha Magick has an intention of creating Magick. We expect, in no uncertain terms, that our intentions sent forth shall manifest. We use sexuality as a tool; it is an inherent tool within all of us and it is by far one of the most powerful delivery methods possible for our intentions.
Moksha Magick Training Availability

While the common Moksha Magick experience is within a group of practitioners, we do offer both individual and couples only training. Rates vary dependent upon location and the number of people we will be training
​in that session.

Additional information is also available at: The Temple of Devine Ecstasy
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Our answer is highly condensed and worthy of our further exploration in providing deeper understanding.
Ritualization slows us down. It affords greater time to be in
​the experience with our intent fully formed. It affords us the chance to experience inwardly a sense of honor, honor for oneself. As part of that ritualization, an excellent tool is to stand before a mirror in your nakedness; look into your own eyes with the love you have to give and see the love reflected back as a gift from you, to you. Then look at your body again; it will look different for you shall see it through eyes of love.
When we speak of personal transformation, we are acknowledging ourselves as now greater than just our flesh as we experience it. We really are already the Divine, but we have typically lost touch with that. The transformation that occurs is enhancement of our senses of power, our creativity, our passion, and our sense of Connection. Yes, Connection with the Divine [by any name] expands our capacity to Love and embrace that power as
​our True Self.
The aspect of that sexual self-healing is powerful. As we go forth in life from a place of healing, our sexual expression is more whole and solid within us. Think of it like offering a piece of fruit to either yourself or a loved one. Shall that fruit be bruised and battered, or shall it be ripe with tantalizing flavors of your desire? It’s a choice we
​make about the gifts we share.
Magickal Intentions
Though incorporating our sexual expression as a tool, sexual expression is not the goal of Moksha Magick. There is absolutely no reason to avoid the pleasures of our sexuality and our bodies in the process; in fact doing so enhances the Magickal working. But, expressing our sexuality for the sake of our body alone, or in other words, just to feel good, is not the point of Moksha Magick.
[Side note: Yes, an intention set to heighten the consciousness of our sexual experiences could be an appropriate intention to the working. But that still then requires that we proceed within the classic Moksha Magick process putting all those aspects
​on the table ahead of any perceived physical gratification; otherwise, we are not practicing Moksha Magick.]
Guru Jah here ...
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