My Personal
Oneness Experience
Blessings there Michael and Susan …

     Thank you both so very much for all your attentiveness and efforts during the Initiation weekend of May 28th and 29th, 2011.

     For what it’s worth, i’d like to share some feedback about my experiences leading up to and during that weekend.
      Almost two years ago, (May 2009) i’d fallen from my own grace, my feeling of connected Oneness with the Universe and a broad sense of compassion. A Deeksha Giver brought the Oneness Blessing to Brushwood in New York at a gathering i was attending there. Despite not knowing the full scope of the Blessing, i knew i must attend and receive that Blessing. After hearing her introduction, i fell into sobbing for over half-an-hour before it was my turn to receive it. All i could identify occurring with the Blessing was a sense of stability within me, but all rather unspecific. At least in that time and space, that stability was what i needed to regain composure for needed endurance over the next few months. Within hours of completing the ordeal of those months, my own Grace returned with greater magnitude than ever before.
     Over the ensuing year and a half, impressions upon me were so deep by the very word “Oneness”, that i’d recently considered naming my conceptualizing church the “Temple of Oneness”; that is until searching the internet and finding the “Oneness Temple”. Realizing the connection to the Blessing i’d received, my thoughts were it would be wrong to ride the similarities in name. Thus, the name transformed to the “Blessed Oneness”. There was still no awareness that the Oneness Blessings and becoming a Deeksha Giver were attainable in the US. The Universe would soon set me straight.
     Wintering in Florida had brought unprecedented financial depletion upon me for lack of work. By late February, a call came from Ernesto, the owner of a small marine upholstering shop i’d made inquiry to back in October. The work would be scantly part time and average hardly above minimum wage; remuneration insulting to my experience. Worse yet, the round-trip from where i could freely extend parking in my motor home to Tampa would cost me $30. My financial status at the moment amounted to $40 cash, $20 in checking, and half a tank of gas; his offer was accepted.
I had told a girlfriend only two days prior that someone was looking for me. It turns out that Ernesto was in need of help to attain free time that he attend to his ailing aged mother; he had been praying to Sri Bhagavan for those two days to find someone.
     Within less than five minuets of meeting Ernesto, we were extensively talking of spirituality rather than his mother or upholstery. He would not mention himself as a Deeksha Giver right away, but it all came to light soon enough. Work amounted to hardly two or three days a week but was enough to keep me going. Later in March, he would finally take me to a regular Monday night gathering of Deeksha Givers in North Tampa.
     After the Moola Mantra and Chakra Dhyana, Deeksha Blessings were shared at random. My honor in being there was to receive seven Blessings that night. Unlike the first Blessing received 20 months prior, these Blessings each carried a clearly specific impact. They were so clear and so strong that for me they surpassed the Gifts of the Holey Spirit bestowed prior to my ordination over a decade ago. The accounting for each is as follows:
Blessing 1 – Absolute peace, contentment within myself and all that is about me.
Blessing 2 – Overwhelming love, the most powerful feeling of love being poured over me, for me, to me. In confusion of feeling such love, afterward i looked upon and within the woman giving the Blessing; it was not from her. This was more than she had to share by her own means; it as much as validated the Blessings as greater than the giver.
Blessing 3 – A long straight tube extended from me into the ether and patches of blackness ascended upward through it. Full realization of this Blessing did not come right away. A couple of days later i realized it was charges of negativity leaving my being; cleaning house if you will.
Blessing 4 – Healing … arthritis in my right shoulder i’d yet to attend to healing myself, vaporized; a miracle of healing as powerful as any i’ve personally partaken in upon myself or anyone else. It was no different from cancers or other “incurable” diseases i’ve seen disappear.
Blessing 5 – Third eye expansion; i felt and saw my third eye vision grow threefold or more, as though my whole head is now embodied by this capacity. The gift of visual discernment and seeing Truth is born unto greater clarity than ever before.
Blessing 6 – Rebirth. Above me formed an egg with myself inside it and going through mutation. The egg cracked open breaking into flame and i flew from it in form much like the ancient Phoenix, all in a mixture of freedom and empowerment.
Blessing 7 – Knowing, a feeling of greater wisdom, greater access to Universal Truth, none of which feels attached to “the Ancient Mind” referred to by Sri Bhagavan. It is more a mixture of understanding everything and knowing nothing.
     These then are the Blessings gifted to me this night. Even their very order made sense to me. Only in a state of peace can we feel love. Once loved we can no longer hold negative charges. Freed of negative charges, we are free to heal. Most often, only in a state of wholeness will our consciousness and awareness expand (third eye). In greater consciousness, we are reborn into existence. Only in a changed perspective of existence can we embrace experiencing the infinite possibilities of the All (knowing). As powerful as these Blessings are, there would be more to come.
     Reading literature concerning the Oneness Deekshas left a doubting question in my mind pertaining to the supposed neurological changes the mind would undertake. Such seemed illogical and even as
much as unnecessary in all my contemplations.
Ernesto would inadvertently provide the answer.
     Ernesto and i were to be installing an awning that proved to be cut too short for fit, thus we had unexpected time available. He took me to a sacred mound park on Tampa Bay. We both simply took in the energies of this place and fell into quiet and separate meditative states. He later came over to me with his hands open as though holding something (fully energized) and asked me if
i’d like a Blessing. A smile and affirmative nod were my answer.
     Placing his hands upon my head, the Blessing immediately exploded open and i watched the answer 
​​to my question clearly unfold. The neuron fibers in my brain were popping, discharging energy, and separating connections. The change occurring was release of emotional attachments.
     In later contemplation, i questioned of myself on attachment and wrote a list “i am attached to” … the entries are as follows:
     Of self
     From others (crossed off within moments)
Self expression
Mutual respect (crossed off within moments)
    Listed further then, i questioned “Suffering”; i ended up putting a question mark after it and surrounding it with a box. I seem to have no way of equating to it. It does not resonate within me. One more word was written, “Indifference”. There is upon me a greater sense of indifference than ever before and
it is progressively manifesting throughout my existence. The indifference is not a lack of passion by any means; but rather lack of attachment to an outcome, surrender of expectation, even that “i” must “do”.
      This would be the last i would see Ernesto for now as the Universe provided me a new job making three times the average hourly pay and accommodating my every need. They further embrace the summer travels i’ll be making and welcome a return in the late Fall that next winter need not be a concern. Yet still churning within me was to become a Deeksha Giver that i help others to find their truth; to awaken to the Oneness.
     Routines embraced through the weeks came to an unexpected halt and suddenly i had a free weekend. The Universe led me to search for initiation and sure enough, it was the upcoming weekend. Everything that could go wrong with my attendance of the course did go wrong. Undaunted, in full trust of the Universe, i drove to Clearwater Florida the night before without even having directions to the site. As always, the Universe took care of me, it all worked out.
     (Odd side note: Opening up to the Universe as i lay to sleep the night before the course, the Spirit of my Mother came to see me. Having never been close to her, her death when i was a young man over 40 years ago had little impact upon me. This was the first her Spirit image ever appeared before me. Along with my mother was an East Indian woman. I trust that deeper understanding of this shall come forth at an appropriate time.)
The Mukthi Deeksha Initiation:

     Unlike the last Deeksha Blessing, my mind held no questions to be answered, no anticipations; yet it would take me a day to fully understand what i saw. My vision lifted to above the earth by several hundred feet showing only the horizon embraced by sky and clouds with but one exception. To my right i saw long telephone poles all arraigned in a perfectly strait line leading far ahead of me; they supported only one cable. My movement along this path is obviously relative to the earth. The sky begins to darken as though becoming night but i can still feel myself moving along the trajectory. Eventually there is a feeling of decent closer to the earth but here begins a point of confusion; my ability to “see” stopped. A question of relevance popped into my mind but disappeared quickly; there was nothing, nothing but absolute stillness, absolute black, nothing. A flash of fear came over me that perhaps i am not to receive the Mukthi Blessing but the feeling vanished as quickly as it came.
My presence was in an expanse of nothing.
     Regrettably, Michael pulled his hands from me while i was still deep into this space causing a rather hard snap back into my body. (In defense of his action, i commonly stay in such states for much longer and deeper than many people do.) Michael again placed his hands upon my head but this time
it held neither visions nor awareness’s for me beyond a gentle flow of energy; it was as
though a separate Deeksha Blessing.
     It dawned on me only when leaving the course that the “cable” was an energy link. Moreover, the blackness, the stillness, the “nothing”; i could only laugh at myself realizing my failure to recognize the void, the unmanifest of all possibility and potential. Having dwelt there before, i could not figure out why i did not recognize it. The difference was this time i was taken there, whereas prior experiences were by choice to enter. (Then again, perhaps it was more truly experiencing the energy connection to Sri Bhagavan as later i would read a quote from him; “And basically I handle what is called the stillness. i.e. whenever you are very still you know that I am handling it …”)
The 64 Deekshas:

     These took me by surprise; they initially held neither visions nor awareness’s of “feeling” energies. Perhaps it was sharing the group consciousness or possibly, it was entirely “me” in the way, but something was making it all too rhetorical; boundaries of time and sequence, consciousness of other participants, counting rounds, all mental awareness’s demanding attention. Only when i brought myself to commanding that any blockage get out of the way did the energies really begin to flow in great beauty. I began finding myself arching backward to keep everything out of the way almost as though i were a shield protecting the Deekshas.
     Knowing specifically what befell the recipient was impossible by time constraints, but in bowing away, i could see depth and gratitude in their eyes. That is all that mattered anyway; they were getting “it” what ever “it” was. Ironically, i cannot define what i was getting from others either. Actually, it was nice to embrace the Giving without anticipation, without intent. It felt good just letting it be what it is, all without definition.
     While giving the Deekshas, great feelings of joyful compassion for everyone consistently came to my awareness. Everyone that is, except me. I’ll certainly need to watch and examine that one. I’d like say it is inconsistent with my norm, but i’m not really sure that’s true. Often when focusing on others, i put “me” away. There are chuckles upon me even writing that for there really is no “me”. It is becoming obvious in this writing what happens; stepping fully into Oneness,
that becomes all one can experience … the “me” to “me” doesn’t exist.
Even when giving Deeksha.  This awareness as originally written is
deliberately left intact.
(Ironically, within two days of writing that,
i was feeling atypically blah and discontent. Happening to look into a mirror, i really checked in with myself; it was easy to feel great compassion for the image i saw there. Deciding to afford this being a Deeksha Blessing, i delivered it in the style of open hands outward and it proved immediately effective. There was no need to get “me”
out of the way … it just worked. I have no
clue what stimulated the feelings of the
day, it does not matter)
The Paduka Deeksha:

     Again, i held no anticipations and no questions; my desire was simply to embrace what might be afforded. Laying hands upon, and forehead between the Padukas, i could feel the energy before i could see it; (perhaps because of touching them first with my hands). My vision was then totally surrounded by white light. Above me appeared the outer edges of the 1000 Petal Lotus; the recognition was instant despite only recently having even heard of it as the finale to our “cord” and i had no other reference point. Pulling my vision to the side view showed a dome atop the embodiment hosting a spherical jewel over its finial. In peering from above brought realization of this being a sacred crown. Slight striations radiated out from the center; there seemed to be other markings but they were indistinct and i chose
not to dwell on them.
     My vision turned to the jewel and found it a deep sapphire
red with golden plasma-like essence undulating in pulsations.
The golden plasma never spilled over as to drip off the jewel,
but also never encompassed the entire sphere. Questioning if
this golden plasma is what Sri Bhagavan sees as the Golden Ball brought no immediate answer and so the query was dismissed.
     When first looking down upon the crown, i began feeling the vibration or energy of elephant. After looking at the jewel and returning to a lower side view, a white elephant came from behind on the left in a spiral path downward stamping his gait. As i came to feel fulfilled in these visions, noise from a neighboring participant broke the space.
      During the Blessing, my mind trickled in a couple of times saying the elephant should be gray, but it never lasted and the elephant remained white. The next day i looked up pictures of a lotus flower
to confirm for my mind the correlation of my lotus visions as correct; they were. Researching internet definitions and descriptions of the 1000 Petal Lotus seem scant, scattered, and varied; perhaps it is different for each of us or perhaps return visits will show differing aspects. Somehow though, qualification doesn’t really matter.
      My only question by the end of the course is where i shall find venue to pass this onto others. Michael’s answer is to be creative. There is a kind of truth in that for certainly our creativity as part of the All is normal … my stance shall be though, just to let it happen.
Though preferring to be nameless,
you shall know me as Guru Jah here …

For those whom would like to receive a "Oneness" Deeksha Blessing, or any Deeksha Blessing for that matter, simply let me know.

It has been my pleasure to impart others in healing of the physical, emotional, soul and spiritual body. For many, it simply sets them on the road to the great awakening, much as it did me.

The gifts of Deeksha abound. Simply ask, and the door shall be opened, no strings, no cost. Simply ask.

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