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There is joy my heart to be blessed by both
Sri Kalki Bhagavan and Sri Amma (Bhagavan).
There is joy my heart to
have a direct link to them.
There is joy in my heart to be honored in allowance to be a Deeksha Giver (The Oneness Blessing)
There is joy in my heart for all that i have come to experience while walking this earth ... thank you.
May all of you who seek, fulfill your quest.
There is joy in my heart that i have been able to
be part of creating this writing in a state of Oneness ... thank you.
The pages in the drop down menu tell of my personal journey, and my experiences as posted to Oneness India.
There is joy in my heart by three simple words:
"i am existence - i am consciousness - i am bliss"
-or as an alternate translation-
"i am god- i am truth- i am bliss"
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Disclaimer 101:
Please be aware, though I have a great affinity for both Sri Bhagavan and Amma Bhagavan, I do not speak for them. While I choose to be a member of Oneness India and the World Oneness Community, my words and teachings within these collective pages, do not represent either entity. My personal embracing of Oneness is in recognition of it as “The One Great Truth”. I am simply blessed to pass the Deeksha of Oneness, and all its blessings, and its workings, unto others.
Except for reference material as annotated herein, the collective content of this website is copyrighted by
Exceptions on the Oneness pages are Photographs of Sri Bhagavan and Amma Bhagavan extracted from assumed Public Domain.
Your respect of that is appreciated. If you desire to use our content from this site, please ask.
Thank you, Guru Jah here … ©1998 – 2016

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