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At times I am amazed at the limitations we put upon ourselves as humans being. The limitation I see of the moment, SEX. Naughty or Nice? Well, if your objective is to hop into bed with Santa Clause, maybe that’s worth some consideration. But in the long haul, “Naughty or Nice” denies the very truth
​of our being.
If we strip away attachments and expectations, or
​in other words, simply choose to true unto ourselves as humans, we will see that we are intended to be feeling, sensuous beings. We are intended to share in a sense of connection. We are intended to be self-expressive beings. We are intended to be passionate beings. We are intended to be sexual beings. Really!
Our sexual expression is natural; it is only our judgments about ourselves [mostly through others] that we deny our nature; we tend to feel judged.
I sat in on an intimacy workshop back in early May, 2012, and the facilitator asked a simple question, “How many of you here are afraid of what other people think of you?” It was amazing, everyone there but me, raised their hand. One participant was so offended that my hand was not raised, she spoke out, “I think he who does not raise his hand is lying.” The facilitator answered back, “No, he’s got it together.”
Out of a group numbering around thirty people, all but me stated they live in fear of rejection. The worst part of it all, this intimacy workshop was at a cream-de-la-cream gathering focused on sexuality. Virtually every workshop included sexuality as a component; the site hosts a huge BDSM Dungeon; open sexual expression is everywhere, full bore, nothing held back. And yes, that means copulation or other sexual engagement in full view, at any time, without restraint. Naughty?
We all want and need the very same things:
A sense of Connection
A sense of Self-expression
A sense of Acceptance
A sense of Appreciation
A sense of Growth [Exploration]

     My heart breaks for the people that need to classify themselves as “Naughty.” What I am hearing is a person bound by standards of denial to their greater truth, and, their needs. The very word “Naughty” is their resistance to those standards; but by using it, they acclaim a negative ownership.

The inverse is just as bad. The old “good girl” complex
​[it can go for men too]. What I hear then is that they accept those false standards of behavior, suppression of desire, and suppression of passion.
     Our sexuality is a 2nd Chakra manifestation. Our 2nd Chakra houses our power, our creativity, our passion, AND, our sexuality. Our very “Life Force energy” comes from there too. Those components are inseparable; if any one of
​​them is diminished, so too are the others.
meaning to spiritually free,
​let go, release, liberate
We welcome any and all comments, questions, and dialog
to encourage everyone's deeper understanding.
Guru Jah here ...
None of these wants or needs can be met through judgment. None of these wants and needs can be met without Truth. 
None of these wants and needs can be met without freedom.
     I ’ve actually met many women [and men] who use the whole “Naughty” language as a false come-on. Their “Naughty” come-on was untruthful about their real desires.
     So why on earth would we care to live in fear of judgment by others? It is actually saying we are judging ourselves by their standards. We end up associating ourselves, for what is real about our desires and passions, as negative [Naughty].
     Sometimes the whole “Naughty” language is used as commonality. 
I sat in a Meet-‘n-Greet at yet another smaller sexual gathering. 
To get to know one another, the introductions were to be, “Tell us your dirt.” I could only answer I didn’t have any, none of my exploits were “dirt” to me … no one really got it, then again, that group of people know not to expect anything else from me.
     Until “we,” individually command our outlook on our sexuality, society will control us through it. The first step is to drop self-judgment, and judgment from others. We may in fact meet their disapproval, but they will have far less power over us. They just might have to learn Love and what a blessing you will have given them.
Guru Jah here ...

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