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Our poem for this round
From the unpublished book,
​“The Spirit Life”
Times of gatherings, it is my place to be. Led by the Universe, I and others like me, follow never knowing why. We often fail to understand our work in the moment. Worse yet, we seldom see the result of our work. It is all a matter of Trust.

Occasionally, our blessing is to witness the fruit of our work, and thus I write:

Four Words

A workshop
A being
Our eyes meet

A tunnel of connection
The vacuum forms
Souls enjoin

We embrace
She cries
Holding close

Tears of joy

She radiates

She is whole
Loved and Loving

The exercise
Look into the eyes
Ask, “Who are you?”

She asks of me
“Who are you?”
Then beaks turn

Genuinely answered to me
“You are the whole of the Universe
manifest in the flesh.

I see it in your eyes.”
She embraces me
Within herself

Surrendered to Oneness
Stripped of ego-self
Vulnerable, open

Five years prior
Same ground
Same event

From across the circle
I saw her pain
Partnered alone

Torn by Khalil
Feeling Lost

Crossing the way
Without hesitation
My mouth fell open

In reply
She wept
“I needed to hear that”

But she did more than hear
She became
She did

My words were simple
And only but four
“Let your light shine”


Post Script: The fascination becomes this, in this time of travel, this time of my needs, she was the perfect reflection.

I needed to hear those very words to myself.
“Let your light shine.”


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