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In search of personal greater truth, purpose, and a sense of connection with people; my people. 

Choosing to be homeless, alone in a van, two and a half years of searching are chronicled here.

This work is currently undergoing editing.  Release is anticipated late in 2015

Here we bring you a simple and true definition of Love in just nine words.  Nine words that will change your understanding of love in every aspect of your life.

We help you plug it in, and use it, use it to love as never before.

A release date will be announced.

This work is ​​currently in a 15 page outline form.

The story of the Ages, for all ages.

Sally's awakening to Oneness embraces the simple truth of oneness told as she lived the transformation.

Due to oneness embraced with Niki, and the manner of its writing, this work is considered as coauthored.  We are excited about this work. 
The Journey of the Fool
In the Wandering Years
Redefining Love:
Webster is Wrong
Sally's Great Awakening
Illustrated Children's Editions​
Text Only version
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Sally's Great Awakening
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Our hottest release
​Dec. 05 2015
"Deepen Love and Happiness with Healthy Anger"
is now available for pre-order. The book is designed to explore why we have anger, its function, and its beauty. We guide you through expressing your anger, to the ultimate end goal, resolving the feelings that were hurt.

The Discovery Process includes:

Expressing your Anger
Realizing your true feelings
Getting to the core issues
Establishing your ideals
Resolving the pain
And Forgiving

Most people strongly avoid their anger; they have little idea just how angry they really are. Suppressed Anger does far more damage than we are aware of in our body, mind, and spirit.

Our Blogs on this publication will include a lot about the creation of over 60 graphics that accompany this work, each a story all its own. We invite you to join the journey of their creation.

Guru Jah here …
The book includes
The Six Steps to Forgiving