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Through my life, the written word has served many purposes. By the turn of the century, the purpose came into a different light of awareness.

Writings that served me personally,
I began to see as having a greater purpose. They bore a mission:

To Aid the Rise of Humanity.

The first compilation of my personal writings came to fruition in:
Like the Fruit of the Vine
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As years progressed, my vision of need in that mission has grown to bring before the people a greater understanding in the truth of Love. As an aspect of our existence, Love is inseparable. From this vision and quest has sprung forth a new work:
The latest work, released in Sept 2014, reveals the greatest of Truths of the Universe. My personal journey into Oneness pours forth on these pages.

This work also represents the greatest aspect of Oneness as I experienced and shared it with Niki, Niki Kissell.  

       We are pleased to present you with:
Sally's Great Awakening
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*Further insights on this are at:
About Sally's Great Awakening
My writings continue, some as personal, some intended as publications for sale. Those that are more personal are posted here in various pages. They all still revolve around sharing my greater mission, To Aid the Rise of Humanity.

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A Deeper Meaning to "Welcome”
     A look at "WE."

De’ Sire
     A look at understanding our desires.

Death to Gratitude
     A deeper meaning in Appreciation

​​​​​Empty Connection
     ​A look at the demise of Sexuality

​​Energy Basics and Us
     A look at our energy as "power."

​​​​Feeling the Motion of E
     A look at our Emotions vs. Feelings

Growing Pains
     A look at Ego and Purpose.

Half Czarchasm
     A sarcastic look at hidden agenda

Healthy Anger
     The Adaptation of our Book ...
     ​an exception to the "Only Here"

​​​​In Search of the Tribe
     A look at our need for a tribe.

Karma Misunderstandings
     A look at the truth of Karma

​​​​​Less a Home
     A look at Acceptance

Less a Home II
     A look at giving and receiving.
Only with Santa
     A look at dispelling Naughty Sex

Re Solve
​     A look at resolving hurt feelings.

Sexual Maturity I
     A look at "being stuck"

Sexual Maturity II
     A look at sexual messages​

Sexual Maturity III
     A look at sexual Self-consciousness​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sherman and the Nut Stamps
     A look at our nature.

Soul vs. Spirit
     A defining difference

​​​Starting NOW
     A look at embracing the NOW​


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     On June 30th, 2015 a new passion befell me.
The realization was simply that,
"People are angry, and they don't even know it​."
They don’t know it because they choose to deny and suppress their anger.

Anger is the front line defense to unresolved hurt feelings, thus, in avoiding our anger, we avoid dealing with our emotional past. But we lose, we lose big time. Anger eats away at our body, but suppressed anger makes it far worse. It eats away at our soul and our joy of life.

Avoiding the passions of anger, we also avoid the passions of life, even love.

We disguise our anger as barriers and boundaries, it is our inability to trust in openness; it becomes a failure of intimacy we long for.

This book is designed to correct that.

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Undergoing re-titling after editing to:
"Awakening: Perceptions of Empowerment"​ 
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