Receiving The
Oneness Meditation
The following are my experiences of receiving the "Oneness Meditation" while attending the Eighth Annual Light Workers Conference in Illinois on September 23, 2012.

Delivering the Meditation was Rev. Michael Milner.
This last event of the conference made an otherwise
great occasion to become exceptional.
      As this round of the program was called to order, I was caught in a crossfire. My intent, my desire, was to be as fully open as at all possible; embracing no shields to the energy flows. Yet, as an empathic, so highly sensitive to the energies of others, I absolutely did not want subjected to negativistic energies held by some of the participants there. Thus to my horror, did a young lady come sit beside me; her tensions were running amuck; I felt frozen in anguish, uncertain at the moment how much of it was hers, how much mine.
     The Universe took care of me though; for reasons then unknown, the parties to my right played musical chairs and before she could even sit down, without seeing her face, I knew the energies; I knew I’d not be directly bombarded with any more tensions; I could now relax, be fully present and open. Jodie now sat to my right, and across the aisle to my left sat Joanne, the conference facilitator. As Michael was making his preparations in a separate room,
I engaged in the Moola Mantra, albeit softly for my norm. We then began with the Ananda Mandala.
      As the Mandala progressed, I was amazed at two things. Number one was how intensely each of my Chakras were empowered, enlivened, more than ever before. But the second awareness was the Kundalini; I saw it as though a physical presence. It wove its way curving back-and-forth as it rose from each Chakra yet headed directly upwards. It would rise immediately after the focus on the Crown Chakra, the Sahasrara,
and then stop and wait for the next Chakra. Its appearance
startled me the most; it was white and tubular liken a
hollow noodle. Prior to this, I had only experienced
Kundalini rising as energy, without form.
     During the Mandala breathing
sessions, the energy spillover from
right to left was immense; it probably
felt more unusual because of the physical
gap in crossing the aisle to Joanne. At the end,
it seemed odd at first that Jodie did not remove her hand; though I certainly provided physical space, the energy flow between us was captivating as though there were no space at all. Based on that, I chose
to leave my hand in proximity above hers, and eventually rested it again in her palm;
I’m glad I did.
      Instructed now to open our eyes, my chin hit the
floor.  I knew it was to be Michael sitting on the bench,
there upon the stage, but I saw Sri Bhagavan. This lasted
a few seconds until I repeatedly blinked my eyes dispelling
the image. I could only laugh at myself over that one. Michael scanned the entire audience before going into individually intense eye-to-eye contact. But, much like the energy
spillover during the Mandala, its effect was there,
there as though we need not do anything more
than focus on his eyes.
     During this process, with Michael’s attention ​on our half of the room, I kept breaking into laughter much like I do when giving the Deeksha Blessing. Additionally though, were spikes of energy transfer that caused me to jump, sometimes violently. What caught my attention as either of these happened, was that Jodie was experiencing exactly the same results, at exactly the same time. A bit of concern entered my mind that my experience might be influencing hers; I lifted my hand again giving space that my actions not bring weight upon her. But it didn’t matter, the results were the same; so I abated further concerns. Staying with all that was transpiring, my hand laid back to rest in hers.
     Now Michael began his focus on the other side of the room; I maintained my focus on his eyes as instructed.  Yet, within a second or two, I no longer saw his eyes. Instead, I saw the participants as though I was looking through his eyes. Most appeared as elliptical spheres of white; some, mostly those sitting in the rear, had black shadows around them as though resisting; they looked encapsulated in negativity. But then, it all broke loose.
     The view changed, I now saw the earth, the planet from afar. Those elliptical white spheres looked more round now; they were rising and leaving a long cord attached to the earth far behind. They rose not just from our location on the globe, but from all over the continent. Rising ever higher, the cords came together and began to twist like a rope. Atop, the singular spheres joined as one resulting in a mushroom shape;
​I could not get clear details defining that crown, but it spread as wide as the earth from a side view. The earth itself shown as about eight or nine inches across from my vantage point.
      I became aware that I’m not really in my body; yet as I looked down upon me, all I could see of me was my hand, my hand embracing Jodie’s hand. Both our hands appeared humanly normal and intact up to each of our wrists; but from there, neither she nor I existed.
     As my awareness came back to the greater observations, I was obviously in what we call “outer-space”. I was whisked yet further away; the earth disappeared and the galaxy sped by me; now, there was the void. Totally dark at first, full of potential, but empty, colors began to emerge. Red with hints of orange and yellow came forth and began to take shape; a reptilian figure emerged from the color, first in skeletal form, and then massing with flesh. My view shifted from him as the next, somewhat smaller creature, began to emerge. This all occurred with a sense of suspension; I was simply watching creation manifest before my eyes.
     The previous vision was in slow motion compared the next; it would be that of women. They appeared as though behind a window framed in wood, not to be confused with a photograph in a picture frame; these women seemed alive. Although it felt as if I know them, I recognized none of them. To the best
of my memory and awareness, there were six of these viewed women that sped by.
     Now, more planets and stars zoomed by until sheets of paper appeared. Information, charts and graphs, blueprints, an inconceivable library of documents came before me and started spilling into my consciousness. These did not spill into my mind, but rather my knowing. The process brought me back to awareness of my body. In the aftermath, I hardly feel greater mental brilliance, in fact, quite the opposite; I almost feel a little simple minded. Yet everything I need to know comes forth more easily, all in its proper time.
     I cannot equate how long all of this transpired by minutes; it did not matter. It seemed as though the Meditation ended right after the information fusion, but I would dare to say I was in a bit of
a daze. I only really remember coming back to “normal” consciousness as the Meditation ended.
     Afterward, it only seemed normal to turn to Jodie and embrace her in a hug. Once pulling back enough to begin talking, her first words were “Like two halves of a whole”.
I began to talk about what I had seen; she too had seen much of the same thing although colored through her own interpretations. She had seen the uniting cord, but saw it like a braid. She too had seen the vastness of “outer-space”. She had seen the void too, but saw creation
of stars, and planets. She spoke of the women before
I mentioned it. We would spend the next twelve hours debriefing and sharing from there before retiring for the needed sleep. We then decided to spend an extra day together before parting ways.
     I do not know where the Meditation experience or my connection with Jodie will lead me; it does not matter.  I did find it interesting that I felt driven to speak with a Psychic at the conference that morning; I knew she had something to tell me. One of the two things she informed me of, was that this day I would reunite with someone
I know. She was correct on both counts of her reading.
      Before departing the conference, I approached Michael in appreciation. My main comment to him is that “You carry Sri Bhagavan well, thank you”.
I never know where life will lead me, but Sri Bhagavan keeps popping up; sometimes it
​is Amma; it is always good, and life just
​keeps getting better.

​​Thanks for coming into my life.

Guru Jah here ...

Sri Bhagavan
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