Mastering Traditional
Usui Reiki
Healing ... one of the most important and natural aspects of our existence.  We are meant to heal ourselves and others, it is natural.

It is natural for the body to heal itself.
It is all natural, but the world of modern
​medicine would have you think otherwise.
We are all healers.  Consider if you will the new mother rocking her baby or patting up burps.  She is not just nurturing that baby, she is rectifying its dis-ease, its discomfort.  She is helping to heal that child, that
​it feel well.
Reiki works with you, not on you.
Modern medicine works on you, often it is invasive with drugs and/or a scalpel.
Consider if you will a father that guides his child in overcoming fears.  That too is healing.  No matter how seemingly small a way we might afford healing, it is natural.
For those who are willing to embrace and share their natural gifts of healing we offer Reiki Classes at all Levels.

Each level of attunement further opens your channels of ability affording a sense of mastery to share at will.

Each level of attainment is certified and documented clear through becoming a Reiki Master.

Any questions about these classes or Reiki
will be answered by emailing:
(Guru) AumJah

Alternatively, phone Guru Aum Jah

... you are an amazing powerful essence, …

I would like to point out that what happened during our class was not just a classroom experience, it was a life changing experience.

It was a perfectly planned meeting by the universal energies I have known about, but I was blessed enough to see them in action.

Your class taught me that there are more possibilities in the world than I knew existed before your class. I am very grateful for the lessons taught and the manner in which they were taught.

Thank you so very much for all of the lessons, your class opened my eyes to So very much more than Reiki, and I will live with those memories for the rest of my life.

The students in our class were witnesses to a healing. A lifelong sickness was lifted, it was beautiful and I am grateful. If you want to see to believe, I believe you are the best to deliver the message, as it was a beautiful one. Thank you again.

Reiki Master Darlene ...
​Ft. Meyer Reiki Classes      2014
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​​On Saturdays we offer ...
Level I– 10 am to 3 pm – $75
Level II – 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm – $85

On Sundays we offer
​Level III (Master Level)
12 pm to 5 pm – $175

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      In my personal experience of healing with others, I began seeing the illness or disease long before I had a clue what
to do about it. Yet, I did. My instincts told me what to do.
      It was not that I did it well or even to the fullest extent possible, but I followed what made sense through my inclinations. The more I did it, the more I discovered
​its ​power and the more I trusted it.
      I watched and I learned by doing; ​it ​is
​how we learn anything, by doing. Through
the years I was led to seek dental healing* for myself in manners that most people
would think impossible. It was to be
by the laying of hands, a Christian-
​based approach to what virtually
​every society on this planet
​knew ​at one time or another.
     The easiest way to heal by divine grace is through our hands. Reiki is no different. The true beauty of Reiki is that
​it sidesteps the religious issues, it has none. In fact, for me, that is a blessing 
​all its own.
      For many people I would meet, I could have greater ​success in rattling chicken bones over their head and ​dancing three times around them, backwards.
      I have found a multitude of modalities which lead to heal others and myself. Ultimately, they all work. Sometimes
I even use my connection in Oneness
​with Sri Bhagavan** for healing, and it ​works. What matters most is our acceptance of healing. Without it, we will not heal.
​I have learned this the hard way.
     The greater beauty of Reiki is that it works to what ever level of acceptance one has. If one can only accept a small change for the better in their health, using Reiki will not offend that need. Reiki works with your energy as one with the Universal Energy.
​It knows what you need, and what you
​will accept. That is beautiful.

      If you need to take twenty steps to
​get to where you could have gone in
​one, it's okay, Reiki has no ego.
     And sometimes, the challenges of healing are massive. It can depend on just how deeply one has embodied their ill health. I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who made such major transformation as to be unrecognizable in a photograph from a year prior.

      Her practitioner at hand used many modalities with her including diet, meditation, and various forms of energy work, including Reiki.
Our invitation to you is that you embrace the healer inside yourself, and begin healing yourself, and helping others.
I went for healing, but now I wear dentures for a healing that I would not accept.
Learning tool 101 …​
     Despite all that I had learned through the years, despite the power of healing I had done with others and myself, I needed more. A woman with cancer asked for my help; ​I watched it die before my eyes.  I watched surgical recovery happen in half the time of a best-case-scenario; all I aided with was a simple touch.  I helped facilitate a woman’s healing of chronic pain decades old, but something was missing.
     In ways it felt like I fought the natural gifts I knew to be real. Heck, I even fought owning the very name, Guru Jah. But the Universe will always lead us in the right direction, even if we kick and scream the entire way.
     I had known for decades that these present years are those by which I would be bringing the healing to the people. But I could never figure out how. Then life led me to unite in working with a woman I had loved for years. My first Reiki Attunement had been about
​15 years prior; it was working with her that brought it to new life. My completion of the training opened an unstoppable floodgate to doing the work. It is beautiful …

Let the healing begin ... ​​
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     My quest had led me to become a minister
​of healing by the laying of hands through Willard Fuller's Ordination. But I faced a huge problem;
​it was the unwillingness of people to believe in it.
​It had the social attachments common to false perceptions often taught in the churches.