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​    Sexuality
​         - A Gateway
      ​          to Healing
An aspect of Moksha Magick
meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate
What follows is an expanded outline for a 90-minute workshop presentation. Our feeling is that this workshop is so important that its presence here is mandatory. Where you see “Question,” our invitation is that you surmise your own internal answer before reading our answer. Questions are always a far better way to create interactive dialog; it gives comparisons helping to expand our consciousness.
This webpage is literally about healing …
Question: How do you define Sacred Sexuality?

Most simply, Sacred Sexuality is experiencing ourselves and another as Divine Beings sharing as One, in our feelings, our energies, our state of mind, and our bodies.
Moksha Magick approach … the “Simple Way”

Harnessing the power of our Sexuality and fusing it with our Divine Essence in Sacredness

Moksha Magick, was developed through the Temple of Divine Ecstasy* as an outcropping of Reiki. This ritual act embraces the Divine Essence of all the participants and through Sacred Sexuality, focuses it on healing the needs of the people as seen by them, be it physical-emotional-mental health, or even monetary health.          *Link opens in a new window or tab
Question: So what does it take to embrace yourself as Divine Essence?

If nothing else, recognize that everything is energy … you, ​and the entire Universe by any name. Divine Essence is energy. The deeper we recognize, embrace, feel, and experience energy, the closer we get to embodying the Divine. You do NOT have to be “spiritual” or “religious” by definition, but you will be Divine through the realized embodiment of yourself as energy.
Question: How does one embrace sharing as One?

Embracing ourselves and others as Divine Essence is a huge start to opening the doors of our mental and emotional perceptions as well. Our suggestion on this level is to realizing that at our core, we all have the same needs, and quite really, the same desires. They only manifest differently like flavors of ice cream … we can have a million flavors of ice cream, but it is all still ice cream.
The fundamental basis to expression of that sharing as One
​lies in our Acceptance and Appreciation of that very truth.

Core Needs and Desires:

     1- A sense of Connection [feeling Accepted and Appreciated]

     2- A sense of Self-Expression [feeling that YOU are expressing
    ​ YOUR Truth]

     3- To Grow [experiencing the expansion of your being based
     ​on the above]

Everything else is a derivative of these three elements.
Question: How many here today, right now, feel they need sexual healing?

Virtually everyone on this planet has some sexual ill health lingering in his or her psyche. Sometimes it’s sexual trauma from abuse; I am amazed how many people have suffered from that aspect alone. Other times, it reflects more in sexual interests, attitudes, functions, and capabilities. No matter what people say about how wonderful sex is, most often, underlying currents of anxieties, frustrations, and even sexual blockages rob us of our full sexual capacity.

[Side Note: Sexual healing is really the healing of our emotions and experiences that are not even identified as sexual … for instance Trust, shame, et cetera. They manifest though, through our sexual expression]
Question: So who here would have thought of sex as a
                 ​healing tool?  

It is. And it’s naturally within us all.

Human sexual expression, united with our True Self, and shared with another as One, creates a synergy of being unparalleled by anything else in our human experience. It becomes a state where through our Divine Union, we can easily rise above any ill that hinders our wholeness and health.

Sacred Sexuality is naturally healing. In a state of Divine presence, there are no energetic blockages to our health; they have no place. Otherwise, in a state of Sacred Sexual union, our attachments to unresolved blockages will rise to the forefront. This enables us to be aware, to recognize, and proceed toward resolution. We cannot resolve what we cannot see. In a state of Sacred Sexual sharing, everything is fully present, fully alive, nothing is hidden.

Sometimes we need to work through our attachments from a human emotional aspect. Nevertheless, Sacred Sexuality opens the door and gives us the tools.

[Side Note: Orgasm is a natural state of release. When we enter our Sacred Sexual experience with the full consciousness of the enacting sexual healer, and, our willingness to share openly, without judgment, expectations, agenda, ego-self, barriers/boundaries, or trying to hide our feelings of shame, blame, and guilt, orgasm is the perfect release.]
How To: Steps to take from a practical level [nearly mundane]

As in everything, the very first step is recognition. We need to recognize our need to heal. We must see it on some level; we cannot heal what we cannot see.
Signs of a Need to Heal Sexually … [As sexual expressions]

1- Indifference [apathy, disconnection, lack of appreciation, infrequency]

2- Shared Emotional Shutdown [detaching form sharing feelings and experiences]

3- Judgment [attitudes of right-wrong in expressions of self and-or others]

4- Fears [a sign of lacking Trust, often an emotional experience, hesitance]

5- Manifesting sexual diseases [we create our reality by thoughts, attitudes and beliefs]

6- Sexual organ dysfunctions [erectile, premature or failure to ejaculate-climax , yeast infections, menstrual irregularity or excessive pain, internal organ diseases like cancer or tumors]

7- Experiential feelings of pain, discomfort, triggers

[Side Note: All these signs are also relevant to our overall health and happiness. Our sexuality is simply the place they most often show up as in need of help, and thus, is where we often start. Sexual engagement is our most “vulnerable,” most open state of being; everything within us is exposed and fully present. It’s perfect.]

Step two is Acceptance, self-Acceptance. If we deny, or try to hide our needs and desires to heal, it becomes our choice to live trapped for the rest of our lives. Doing so defiles our very Core Needs, which in turn, maintains a life of needless suffering. Our natural sexual capacity is one of great freedom, power, manifestation, joy, bliss, and, healing.

The second of those Core Needs was to express ourselves. Coupled with self-Acceptance then is expressing those realized needs to our healing partner of choice.

We welcome any and all comments, questions, and dialog
to encourage everyone's deeper understanding.
Guru Jah here ...
Facilitating Healing …
Making the CHOICE of Divine Presence: 

It ultimately becomes a constant presence within us; or at worst, it is easily accessible, but it is the state of our engaging in Sacred Sexuality.

Warning: If we cannot step into this space, we are not engaging in Sacred Sexuality, nor are we likely to enact appropriately, the role of a sexual healer. [This is a strong point for ritual such as Moksha Magick. There is no anticipation for participants to embody fully all aspects of the individual roles at once, although, see further comments below.]
Energetic Awareness:

​​Being fully open to and embracing the energies of another person. We are ALL, already energy sensitive. [Angry demo]

Empathy defined, “the action [state] of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.”

Again, we ALL have this capacity, but our societal teachings are to suppress and deny it. In the presence of our Divine Self, empathy is a natural outcropping. It is part of experiencing the Oneness.
Listening with Ears to Hear:

While the majority of our “knowing” is simply energetic, the task is listening to the language flavor and chosen words. [Example: “worked my chakras, fingered me, and left.”]

It is important to be aware that the first thing expressed is seldom, if ever, the true core issue in need of healing. We are therefor also listening for the unspoken with an ear for the three core needs. That said, in most cases, we must accept and address what is first spoken.
Our Verbal Communication: 

Most of the time, asking questions serves far better than our statements. Asking “feeling” questions helps bring the person to awareness they themselves otherwise ignore.

It can help to use the person's name in a loving, acknowledging manner. Additionally, our verbalizing the Divinity of the other person as a whole, as well as particular body parts and sexual acts, desires and core beliefs, demonstrate our Acceptance,
​our Appreciation, and establishes Trust. 

[Faking it will be detected on a soul level
​so do not bother with lip service.]
Nothing is Personal: 

This is the greatest problem of sexual healing work in an established partnership. You, the facilitator, may have to endure the anger, the hurts, and the pains, all directed at YOU. Healing work is not about YOU, it is about them, and YOU are [probably] not the causational factor at all.

Of course, there can be exceptions, but the facilitator will need to be consistently self-aware and vigilant about what they bring to a long-term partnership. It is not an easy task; in fact, it is emotionally dangerous for the non-adept practitioner and the relationship.

It pays off well to already be an energetic [Spiritual] healer in some form [Reiki or otherwise]. This is an outreach of Divine Presence that aids directly in clearing energetic blockages. We often need the capacity to switch gears midstream during a sexual engagement, sometimes back and forth without stopping.

A mental health background and understanding is also a huge tool as most of our sexual healing needs lie in our thoughts and beliefs about our experiences. The important part though is to keep out of the head during the sexual engagement. Although it must be present in our consciousness, its main usefulness is before or after the sexual session. There will be times a sexual session needs to stop and this consciousness comes into play.

Shamanic techniques are a tremendous asset in reaching deeper levels of the soul for sexual healing
​is a soul experience

Taking the time to create a ritual can aid in making that choice of Divine Presence. Your ritual can be as simple as taking some deep breaths together and stating the intention or as complex as a full-blown quasi-Wiccan
​[or other] Ritual. The important part is that what you choose speaks to those involved and facilitates
​entering ​a state of openness.

The great beauty of Moksha Magick as a healing ritual is that the groundwork and format are already laid out for you. Moksha Magick group sessions though are nota complete one-stop sexual healing package.

Reenactment is a powerful tool, but one of the hardest to embrace since the need of healing is often from abuse. It can be touchy ground to facilitate abusing someone. The inherent value of reenactment is for those people who originally blocked out memories of the abuse. They are also typically out of touch with their feelings. The demands on the facilitator are huge.

Reenactment is not to be confused with BDSM scenes.

Moksha Magick group sessions are not appropriate for reenactment healing.

End of workshop Outline.
We trust this exploration of healing sexual [and other] issues has opened your mind to your own healing. Ultimately, only you can heal yourself. When it comes to facilitating that healing, all we are doing is aiding you in doing your work. Blessings on that work. 

Guru Jah here …
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