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An aspect of Moksha Magick
meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate
Recently, a young woman came before me stating, “I need to talk to you; I need help. My genitals are numb.” Though she was not the first to come forth in such a manner, her dramatically moving request led me to clarification, both
​of an aspect of my work on this planet, and to seeing the commonalities that plague humankind in the arena of sexuality. I have known and acted upon all the pieces,
​but in this time and space, they all came together.
Our inclination to have sexual difficulties, or even to sexually shutdown, is the flag that first needs attention;
​it is where we start. In the beginning of my work in this arena, that was almost confusing; but what revealed itself to me is that our sexual dysfunctions are the pain of our experiences; it draws attention and pain often needs addressed first. Only then can we go to the root of the cause. While it can be a very quick transformation in healing, quite often, it is a very long and drawn-out process with many layers in need of attention.
Virtually everyone on this planet has some sexual ill health lingering in his or her psyche. Sometimes it’s sexual trauma from abuse; I am amazed how many people have suffered from that aspect alone. Other times, it reflects more in sexual interests, attitudes, functions, and capabilities. In sexual healing work, the dynamics unfold to reveal greater truths as to the human disaster we call sexuality.
No matter what people say about how wonderful sex is, most often, underlying currents of anxieties, frustrations, and even sexual blockages rob us of our full sexual capacity. Our natural sexual capacity is one of great freedom, power, manifestation, joy, bliss, and, healing.
Virtually all sexual healing encounters do command some physical interaction. On a very light scale, that might be a simple touch or a hug signifying acceptance. On occasion though, healing work may involve sensual touch or sexual activity, but in reality, the physical contact is ultimately about releasing bodily holdings. Those holdings are often near [and-or even in] the genitalia, but not always by any means. Our energies reside in, and express through the physical body,
​not just our mind.
Although energies can be addressed, manipulated, and even cleared remotely, the human experience has always reacted best through touch. The most common delivery of all Divine Blessings is through touch; even Jesus healed people by laying his hands on them. No matter how much we embody our Divine Essence, human-to-human touch remains the most powerful implement of healing.
Manifestation of sexual healing is to see our needs. We all, men and women, have two core needs. The first is a sense of connection and the second is a sense of self-expression. Our sexual expression is not only human, it ​i​s an expression of our Divine Essence; it is a natural state of coming together as One, satisfying both of those needs. In that state of Oneness, we release the full healing capacity of the Divine by any name.
Sexual release via orgasm/climax is a state of surrender. ​We surrender control of our body, our mind, and our ability to focus on anything, anything but what is real in that moment. It is a time when our energies blow open to the Divine that is already within us, and, connects with the Divine that is all around us. Masturbation to that end is a magnificent and important expression of self-love, but there is one thing that masturbation cannot provide:
                       ​a sense of shared trust.
Trust. Trust is the single biggest barrier to sexual wholeness. [Trust also affects our happiness and ability to love both others and even ourselves.] When we surrender to unite in a human partnership of sexual expression, we embody a sense of trust. Through that expression, that state of Oneness, our Divine Essence comes forth and deeper healing is a natural outcropping.
By having moved into a state of Oneness in surrender and trust, we are free  to examine the gambit of causation; we are open to see the energies of our experiences, attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts that create our sexual blockages. The more adept healer will often sense or see the very act that caused a blockage, yet it is seldom wise to state it. A lot depends on the interactive dialog capacity of the entities. Rather than stating what we sense or see,        a more productive approach is to afford questions surrounding that knowing which leads the other person to seeing it himself or herself as though they discovered it. Then, they own that knowing.
While many people approach sexual healing through conventional mental health therapy, that system tends to keep us in our mind and emotional past. It does not typically release bodily holdings, nor does it embody our Divine Essence. Sexual healing is a full healing of our body, our mind, and, our Spirit [Divine Essence]. We need to embrace and experience the interface of all three.
Through integrating the seemingly separate components of our being, we typically discover resolution through acceptance and appreciation. As in love itself, trust manifests through acceptance and appreciation. Those two words are huge. They are powerful. They reside at the very core of Divine Grace.
True sexual healing is a complete package. It requires courage, persistence, and dedication, both of the recipient and the practitioner. People will embrace their healing only as far as they can handle it in the moment. Some people seek instant gratification; it is only about superficially stopping the pain. Those of us who embrace our role in sexual healing are often in an awkward balance; we know there is nothing superficial about it. Our task is to march forward in openness to a state of Oneness, open to trust, accept, and appreciate.

​​It is our work.
Sacred Sexual Healing is a gateway to the very experience of life we all desire.
While Divine Grace alone can resolve any and all issues surrounding our sexual ill-health, there are few people walking this planet that can fully accept and stay in that state of Grace. That Grace needs to work through our tendency to resist change and a sense of separateness.
Guru Jah here ...

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Guru Jah here ...
Having spent two, three-hour sessions with the young lady that came forth, it was important to me to follow up on the results.  Any session is a matter of trust and must be carried forward.  When asked about her numbness, she replied: "My numbness is slowly but surely getting better I've been able to feel again haha." 

​Doing the work makes a difference. 
​It is such a blessing to see people heal.