​ Sexuality

Moksha in Sanskrit
There is a French term in the sexual experience: "The Little Death." 

When we begin to see ourselves as Divine Essence, the term makes sense. 

We step away from the ego of "I" as it dies to Oneness. 

It is a beautiful Awakening.
Our invitation to you is to reclaim
Sacred Sexuality for yourself
and those with whom you choose to share it.
Blessings there …

We can only presume that you, the reader are now curious to embrace something beyond your sexual experiences to date, or at least to find a better understanding of them. That is our dedication in these collective pages of Sacred Sexuality.
From our viewpoint, it is woefully regrettable that society has skewered sexual messages of what our sexual expression actually is. That said, all those misdirected sexual messages do serve well to confuse and control the people for the sake of the society itself. Sacred Sexuality is empowering and freeing. It is an expression of who we really are.

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While many of the page links below refer to Moksha Magick, they also represent various looks at our sexuality in whole, for they are inseparable. Through these pages, we invite you to explore your own senses of sexuality, how you might enhance them, and you might reclaim what is such a natural part of our existence.

Guru Jah here …
We as humans all have the same needs at our core. Actually, the entire Universe shares these very same needs. They are a need for a sense of Connection and a need for Self-expression. What we all internally desire and strive for is to fill these needs. At a recent Sacred Sexuality gathering during a “Meet and Greet,” all but two out of twenty people there specifically identified their reason for attendance was to find a sense         of Connection.
That sense of Connection by the way is also the very foundation of intimacy. It reflects in our Self-expression as our relationship with ourselves and others of our choosing. The depth of that intimate experience rests on openness in Truth and Trust.
Our obstacles to our intimate [and sexual] experiences
​are our fears, greed, and guilt [tainted by judgment, blame, shame, and remorse] within oneself. Broadly, these are obstacles imposed upon us; they are not an aspect of our True Self. Our True Self is quite different; we are expressive beings and our sexuality is a huge factor in that expression.
Through ensuing pages, we shall explore with you various aspects of our Sacred Sexuality and concepts of releasing the fears, the need for greed, and the guilt associated with sexuality. We shall do so both from a traditional look at sexuality and from a ritualized aspect known as Moksha Magick.
• Healing
• Liberation and Empowerment
• A sense of Connection and Self-expression
• Finding a sense of Sacredness
• Fusing our Sexuality with our True Self
• Sharing our True Self as One
Our goal in our pages have diverse applications:

Before breaking to those various pages, it will help to understand what we mean by Sacred Sexuality.
Our sexuality resides in our 2nd Chakra along with
​our Universal Life Force, our Power, our Passion, and our Creativity; they express through our Interpersonal Relationships including money. While none of the Chakras are stand-alone energy centers, this 2nd Chakra directs our lives in virtually everything we do. Beyond a sense of Trust established in the 1st Chakra
​as based on our ability for Survival and a very broad sense of Connection, the 2nd Chakra reigns supreme.
To help understand its power, we simply need to look at its name: Swadhisthana. [or svādhiṣṭhāna]

Its meaning: Self-abode, Self most directly translated in the West as Soul, but more deeply translated as Spirit [or Divine Essence].
All the aspects then of our 2nd Chakra are a manifestation of our True Self. That is powerful in and of itself, but our sexual expression is the most powerful aspect expression of all. It involves all the attributes of the 2nd Chakra, Life Force, Power, Creation, and Passion, all played out in our relationships with others and with ourselves
When we recognize that we all, everyone walking this planet, are an expression of the Divine, we open the door to Acceptance and Appreciation on an unprecedented level. Within that Acceptance lies the Truth of our Being, we are Sexual Beings. We invite you to explore the various pages below to unravel deep Appreciation of yourself and others as Devine Sexual Beings.
Sex is the flower. Love is the blossoming. Compassion is the fragrance. ~ Osho
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meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate