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​     Sexuality
​          in Perspective
An aspect of Moksha Magick
meaning to spiritually free,
let go, release, liberate
Most simply, Sacred Sexuality is experiencing ourselves and another as Divine Beings sharing as One, in our feelings, our energies, our state of mind, and our bodies.
Incorporation of our sexual expression enhances the manifestation of our Divine Essence when shared openly, without judgment, expectations, agenda, ego-self, barriers/boundaries, or any hidden shame, blame, and guilt.
Key words to achieving this state of expressed Divine Essence are Acceptance and Appreciation.  It is our internal and expressed recognition of Acceptance and Appreciation that opens the door. Once we see ourselves and others as One, as Divine, we can embrace a level of Love wherein anything is possible.
On an ultimate plane, it does not even require copulation [common sexual expression]. Consciously shared, physically emitted energies, are a tremendous expression of Sacred Sexuality. That said, our sexual expression unites our physical humanness with our Divine Essence. It can be as simple as a touch, but  the more completely we physically engage the body, the more completely we unite in Divine presence. It becomes the surrender of separateness in the surrender of the ego-self, unto our True Self.
Our True Self is expressed in three words: Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.
As our True Self, sexuality is a natural integral part of our existence. Its representation is in our combined Self-expression of power, passion, creativity, and sexuality, all humanly experienced and expressed through the second Chakra.
As our True Self, sexuality is manifest through our consciousness on all levels. Its representation is born in our desires, our drives, and our core needs of connection and self-expression.
As our True Self, sexuality naturally expresses as a state of bliss. Its representation is through our senses of wholeness, completion, fulfillment, tranquility, balance, and joy. Full bliss occurs most often in the immediate aftermath as an awareness of stillness or nothingness. Ironically, this state takes us full circle to a greater sense of power, passion, and creativity. 
Human sexual expression, united with our True Self, and shared with another as One, creates a synergy     of being unparalleled by anything else in our human experience. It becomes a state where through our Divine Union, we can easily rise above any ill that hinders our wholeness and health.
Sexual expression affords synergy. Nothing is manifest physically without polarity. Although gender aids creation, it is not about gender, it is about polarity. Polarity is not about positive and negative; these are terms, which only we apply. When dynamically charged energies unite, they create a power far greater than the sum of their individual capacity. 

The very core of our physical existence is made up in that very manner; the coming together of protons and neutrons forming the nucleus in each and every atom of our being. Our sexual expression, coming together as One, is manifestation in the same manner. Our individual power becomes exponential through synergistic union, especially in our Sacred Sexual union.
Sacred Sexuality enhances both our Awakening [Enlightenment] and our internal God-Realization. Traditions of the past have sought to eliminate sexual expression as a means to this end. The error is that we then relegate Awakening and God-Realization to higher Chakra expressions, leaving our lower Chakra expressions alienated. The ultimate objective of our being is to integrate all our Chakra expressions fully. 

This is the very function of the rise of Kundalini. It rises from our Earth based Root Chakra through our Crown Chakra uniting us with our very Divine Essence. It can be seen as rising form the dead, for until it rises, we are as much as dead.
Sacred Sexuality is naturally healing. In a state of Divine presence, there are no energetic blockages to our health; they have no place. Otherwise, in a state of Sacred Sexual union, our attachments to unresolved blockages will rise to the forefront. This enables us to be aware, to recognize, and proceed toward resolution. 

We cannot resolve what we cannot see. In a state of Sacred Sexual sharing, everything is fully present, fully alive, nothing        is hidden. It brings us right back to Acceptance and Appreciation as a healed state of being.
Guru Jah here ...

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Guru Jah here ...
Our sexuality is our primary tool of liberation, and empowerment.
It is no wonder that sexual expression is repressed. People fear their own power; but a society based of control of the people fears the power of liberated beings; they are beings of power, passion, and creativity. Sexual liberation frees us, and it empowers us.
Everything is sex. The entire expression of the Universe manifests in intercourse, also known as communion; it is the act of sharing as One. On the Universal scale, everything is One; it is one energy, manifest in various forms, interacting together, integrated, interwoven, and unified. It is pure power and the expression of creation [creativity]. The Universe is in a constant state of sexual expression. Everything is sex.
Sometimes we need to work through our attachments from a human emotional aspect. Nevertheless, Sacred Sexuality opens the door and gives us the tools.
Sacred Sexuality deepens our capacity for Love. The deeper we surrender into our sacredness, our Divine presence in ourselves and others, the deeper we truly Love. It becomes a life that transcends approval or tolerance and resolves in total, pure, Acceptance. 

It becomes a life that transcends gratitude [appreciative of benefits received] and resolves in total, pure, Appreciation. Acceptance and Appreciation are the very foundation of Love. We easily acquire these states of being through expressions of our Sacred Sexuality.
Through Sacred Sexuality we experience Causeless Love, love that is manifest without reason of relationship or definition, all born in a state of Oneness. It becomes the ultimate expression of Self-Love for we see and experience ourselves in everyone, and everything.

It is a state of Love only attainable when Awakened in Truth of our being, and then coupled with ultimate Divine presence. We like to call it “unconditional love;” but without a state of Divine presence, conditions pervade our experience of love. Sacred Sexuality transcends this. We experience love Universally, no more or less from one being to another, including ourselves. It is a state    of emptiness that fills our being.
Sacred Sexuality can only manifest in the Now, thus it leads us to full presence in living the Now.
As opposed to mental abstractions, Sacred Sexuality       is alive in the senses, senses on every energetic level, including consciousness, and, including the flesh. 

We, including our flesh, are nothing but energy in various forms. When we recognize and embrace ourselves as energy beings, bringing our consciousness to our Divine Essence becomes a free flowing expression of our True Selves: Both Sacred, and Sexual.