Sherman and the
                Nut Stamps

So simple once was work
We made our very life
We provided our every need
We did till the fields
We raised our herds
So simple once was work
     It came to pass upon the land, that there lived Sherman; his home was fine indeed. Never did Sherman want for what he had not, for by the ways of nature he did proceed. He had warmth in the coldest of winters, food a plenty without need.  Time to frolic beneath the sun; life was good for Sherman indeed.
     Then it came to pass that man did come upon Sherman.  They cut down his walnut tree home. But fear not my friends, Sherman had the wisdom of ages to his every bone. He knew well by his very being that to him a new tree home would be shown. And it was, not far away stood a fine oak tree in the yard of a strange being, the being called man, a creature unknown.
     Sherman thought man must be a very great
and industrious being for they surely had made better use of his old home than he. So Sherman began to watch upon man from his home in that
fine oak tree. There before his very eyes did he
learn their ways. Of interest, was that man never strayed far from his home on any given days. At
the front of his yard, man did go to a magical box every week. Sherman must know the mystical
magic therein, so he would peek.
     Thus then in the wee hours, before man did stir, Sherman made his way to learn of magic. He there discovered food stamps and an unemployment check, not so very tragic. Sherman, to be wise, did then call upon his peers proclaiming they heed. He, henceforth would be unemployed, and they should bring him, his every need.
     Know ye all, that ever you look up in a tree, and by chance a squirrel do see,
one whom stays content to be,
lazy and fat so effortlessly,
think of Sherman, it must be he.
Just a thought, as children, did we not play at work?

Did we not help to “do” because it was fun?

Were we not creative and inventive at every opportunity?

As children, did we not work at play?

Every day, every chance … until “we” took it away.

     This piece was written in the late 1990's at a time when
i experienced myself as the recipient of unemployment and
food stamps.  During my struggles of those days to find new employment, i looked deeply into the very nature of both the recruiting attitudes of the job market, and, the very nature of
our societal trends.  This piece, and the artwork, were initially intended to be the introductory segment for Chapter 2, "The
Work Ethic" of our first release "Like the Fruit of the Vine ..."
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Its use for that purpose was aborted since this writing carried
too much of a poetic characteristic for intended marketing as publishers and agents thereof would consider in that time.
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