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     Like anyone else, i have thoughts.  Most of the time though, i do not perceive them as thoughts, but rather awareness, or states of consciousness at a given moment; people see this as Wisdom. 

     Due to the vast array of these states of awareness in various categories, we find the drop-down menu to be unmanageably long; thus this page serves to bring you links to each of those pages.

     At the bottom of each of those pages, you will find a link to bring you back to here.  Enjoy your discoveries.

     Thank you for your interest, not so much in me, but in yourself, that you might grow, become aware, and awaken to your Truth.

Guru Aum Jah here ...
     These snippets began as simple statements written down and eventually categorized. Some pages still reflect this seemingly random treatment. Other pages however, evolved into a complete exposition.  

     ​​As interrelated writings in
​Guru Shorts continue to expand we will provide links on related pages back-and-forth throughout the website.
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