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In our acceptance, we find our appreciation. Through our appreciation, we find our gratitude. In our gratitude, we find our bliss.
If we look upon life with expectation, nothing is perfect. If we look upon life with acceptance and appreciation, everything is perfect.
If we cannot accept,
we must first question why not.

Then we must question,
if the answer is judgment.

If it is truly only discernment,
then we can accept it.
Iam perfectly imperfect and growing. Therein, I am perfect.  That, is acceptance
Acceptance means that we accept what is.
Acceptance is not about what we want.
If we do not have what we want,
                            ​then change it.
Our desires do not cause our suffering. Our attachment to our desires,
                             as expectation,
                                     is our suffering.
Acceptance does not mean we must tolerate abuse.

       Acceptance means we see the cause.

We see the cause in both the abuser and ourselves.

              The ultimate abuser may well be ourselves.

finis for now
Acceptance means that we accept what was.
We cannot generally change what was.
We can only change our attachment to it, 
                                         and how we view it.

Acceptance is the very first step to forgiving.

If we cannot accept, we can not forgive,
                                       and we cannot heal.
Ironically, acceptance is also the very first step to love.

If we cannot accept,
we cannot experience love.

Acceptance begins with ourselves.
Forgiving begins with ourselves.
Healing begins with ourselves.
Love begins with ourselves.

Our biggest blockage to acceptance, is our judgment.
Judgment of self.
Judgment of others.

Our self-abuse is often,
     failure to accept.

Failing to accept ourselves,
sets us up to fail in accepting others.
Acceptance does not mean that we be silent.

Acceptance means that we speak our truth.

Acceptance means we listen to others truth.

Acceptance means we see others in their truth.
     Where they have been.
          Where they are.
               Where they are going.

Acceptance is about opening the door to what is real.
                                        Real for you, real for others.
Being open
Being vulnerable
Being accessible

Acceptance does not mean we must like others.
Acceptance does not mean we must love others.
Acceptance is not about "liking" or "loving".

To "like" and to "love" are a choice,
              not an obligation.
That "choice" is no different than liking or loving a flavor of ice cream.

Acceptance acknowledges the existence of other flavors.
Acceptance as reverence honors the existence of other flavors.
                 We are not obliged to eat other flavors.
Acceptance is our first step toward bliss.
Acceptance opens the door of our soul to love.
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Our next step,
is to find appreciation.
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Guru Jah here ...
If we only accept what we deem as “good,”
we are not accepting.
We are qualifying.
We are judging.

At times, we must accept that we see only for ourselves in the shadows of our being. 

And that is perfect, for then we see Truth of our being and can Accept it.
We must accept our past, and today,
​in order to mold tomorrow.
The Universe always gives us what we need.

Nevertheless, we are too busy looking for the next step,
to accept that we made it to our destination of Now.

Updated 09/18/2016
Really hearing someone is a statement of our acceptance of them.

To feel heard,
is to experience the first step toward feeling accepted.