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If you honored that i prefer to have
              no name, would you see me?
                               A name separates us.
If i fear losing the “I” of ego,
then “we” can never exist in Oneness.
Losing the “I” is surrender,
which is freedom, which is bliss.
finis for now
As the ego represents the “I”,
it has nothing for me.    
Like a snowflake, we may revel in our uniqueness and think it power.
A single snowflake does not an avalanche make;
its power comes by losing its identity.
W hen we are seeing a self,
we cannot embrace a state of Oneness. 

Though i present the Soul and our Spirit essence as distinctly different from one another, if you replace the word Soul with Spirit in this one video, it really says what you need to know about our Spirit ...
the Soul is quite different.​

Everything else, is only the trappings of your mind, your "I" of ego.
The Ego and the Soul
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The ego separates everything.
The ego has but one job.
That job is to protect.
The ego does it's job well,
                  but it belies us.
The ego is an entity unto its own.
While the ego is not all bad,
for it tells us to get out of the burning building,
              its truth has become survival of itself.
Ego's lie is the identity of "I"
and separation.
The "I" of ego is not of the soul,
nor our spirit essence.

The ego of "I" is of the self.
The soul has no "I" ego.
Our spirit has no "I" ego.

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