Snippets of Wisdom on ...
like love,
begins with oneself.

We can only forgive others if we have a sense of dominion over them;

     we only have dominion over ourselves.
Ironically, once going full circle forgiving and forgiven,
we come to the realization that in acceptance,
and appreciation, there is nothing to forgive.
True forgiving begins with acceptance;

our acceptance of self,
                   then of others
                       in a choice of awareness.
Forgiving through acceptance opens the door to appreciation.
It is not our place to forgive others;

they will only feel forgiven,
when they forgive themselves.

When ravaged by the ills of man upon man,
our question becomes shall we embrace,
“Forgive them for they know not what they do”?
There is nothing to forgive.
Everything is what it is.
Everything was what it was.
When we feel a need to forgive,
we are living in the past instead of the now; and thus, we disavow ourselves.
finis for now

  1- Acceptance here begins with accepting where you were as a part of your past.
             2- Embrace accepting (see) where you are now in your present.
                                                                                    That is acceptance.

Appreciation is seeing the difference with gratitude.
                      Appreciation heals the hurts, the anger, and the very need to forgive.

The answer may well be,
If you cannot stand your now,

then change it.
Your barriers are your attachments.
Attachment to what was.
Attachment to expectations unmet.
Attachment to hurts never grieved.
Attachment to anger never expressed.

Your path to your now did not make you who you are.
Your path was simply how you got to your now.
Accept where you were.
Accept where you are.

Appreciate the difference.
Appreciate what it showed you.

If you cannot see a difference,
then change your now.
Let your attachments go.

Acceptance and Appreciation
manifest self love,
and love of others.

Acceptance and Appreciation
are the foundation of love.

There was nothing to forgive.

Appreciation is seeing
our now with gratitude.
Appreciation heals the hurts, the anger, and the very need to forgive.

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