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The flower seed, neither growing nor blooming, has not expressed its divine essence.

It has served no one, not even itself.
i honor the apple tree, full of fruit yielding many seeds;

yet most lie rotting on the ground never growing.

We too are seeds, seeds with choice.
Our growth is a blessed expression of the divine.
The only value of a seed
that has no desire, is that it will rot,

 and become the soil for seeds
that have the desire to grow.
I f we are not challenged (suffer),
we do not grow.

If we do not grow, what’s the point?
A seed without desire will never see the outside of its shell;
it will also never know the passion of its growth.

It will simply rot.
My greatest joy,
the greatest gift i receive,
is to see people growing.
finis for now

A flower blooms
neither for applause nor for recognition;
it blooms because it is.

The only journey we are on
       is the decision to commit to action;
                be it growth, Truth, or freedom.

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Without proper communication,
a plant will scream when pruned.

Yet it turns right around,
heals the wound,
and grows with greater vigor.