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i did something new and fantastic today, i asked for help.
It’s a very fine line between self-responsibility, and surrendering to helplessness,
that we ask for and accept help.
To allow our compassion for others to become a sense of responsibility is most often an error.

It is an error first upon ourselves, but ultimately upon them.
There is great beauty in simply accepting the gifts of the Universe; those gifts come without strings.
Helping another being may feel good;
but if i do “it” for you, i may disserve you;

it robs you of you conquering your
                obstacles, your suffering.
The ultimate problem we face in
asking for help is surrendering our ego.

Conversely, asking for help in laziness defiles others and ourselves.
Let us be the water at rest;
like a horse, a man will drink when he is thirsty.

Forcing us upon another gets them wet, but does not nourish.
finis for now

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