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We cannot be taught to Love,
to Love is an experience.
To hold Love as an ideal bears naught,
for Love is an experience in the Now.
We can only Truly Love another
​as deeply as we Love ourselves.
Acceptance and Appreciation
are the foundation of Love.
Acceptance and Appreciation
manifest self-Love,
and Love of others.
When we avoid Loving ourselves
​through Loving others,

​we have Loved no one.
We cannot Love another
​or ourselves
​beyond our Love of Truth.
Our greatest gift of Love
​is to see another in their Truth.
Truly Loving yourself is deeply healing and empowering.

It opens the door to Love others more deeply.

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Guru Jah here ...
We can only Love as deeply,
​and as openly, as we Trust.

In Trust, there are no barriers,
and there are no boundaries.

Our limits on Love
​is liken feeding a hungry soul

​​bread crumbs from the floor.
Truly Loving is not about giving.
It is about sharing.
To keep our pains and suffering private,
denies love,

for love accepts.

Love embraces those pains and suffering 
Keeping our pains and suffering to ourselves,
keeps us alone,
alone in pain and suffering.
By keeping ourselves private,
​we alienate ourselves;
​we alienate others.
​ We alienate Love.
We guard our Love in fear of being seen as we really are.
If we think we must be vulnerable
​in order to Love,

​we are failing to accept
​who we really are.
We can only Love as deeply
​as we are willing to be intimate. 

Intimacy is not vulnerability; intimacy is Truth.

Our fear of intimacy is a
​perceived power over us.

Yet we deny intimacy
​within even ourselves

in knowing
​and Loving ourselves.

Individual reflective space,
​coming to our Truth,
enriches the soul.

Sharing the soul enriches life,
​and Love.

If we cannot let go of the past, how may we embrace the joys of the Now? 

Being in the Now opens us to Bliss
​and to Love.

In the vastness of our experience of Divine Love,
we lose our bearings

and call that experience “unconditional Love.”
To Love, is to express ourselves wholly,
even in our anger.

Deny our hurts, our shadows, even our anger,
and we deny Love proportionately.

Beyond Loving ourselves,
Love’s only value is when shared with others as One.

And in Loving ourselves, simply sharing ourselves,
shares our Love, for we all are One.

Our greatest True Love is with our Divine True Self.
Love of our “True Self” as Divine Essence
​empowers us to Love everyone,
​every experience,

​​and most of all, ourselves.
If our Love be held in the cup of our heart,
drill holes in that cup,
that Love flows unending.

Better yet is to have no cup at all.
Contained Love goes rancid.

Love thrives best in death every night,
and rebirth every morning.

C linging to Love past, either in joy or pain, robs us of Love in the Now proportionately. 

Love is always in the Now.
Hearing “I love you” is nice;
feeling loved is far nicer.
If we hear the words, “I love you,”
​and do not feel loved,
​our trust diminishes.
To hear “I love you” without feeling loved leaves the word Love empty and meaningless. .
Expressions of Acceptance and Appreciation carry far more weight than rote words saying “I love you.”
We cannot Love from our mind.

​We can only Love from our experience and trust in sharing as One.
Love does not demand sexual expression.

​​Yet to deny Love’s sexual expression, denies our Love.

Defend not your Heart …
But do defend your Soul.
Finins ... for now