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We tend to seek enlightenment
  like a special club membership.
    It is a membership of only one.
W hen we think about being awakened,
     we are asleep by our mind;

      being awakened is the experience of being,
      not of thinking.
Once embracing Oneness,
we expand our consciousness.
I f i think or say i am awakened, i am not.

The more we awaken in Oneness,
the less we remain attached to anything.
At times, my mind wonders if i am
awakened (enlightened).
I can only answer to it that i just am that i am.

The question is immaterial.
finis for now
As one with the essence of All, i am everything

As one with the essence of All, i am nothing

That, is Oneness.
Courtesy of Lisa Tice:

Separateness reflects true Oneness.
                   If you are awake to see it.”
W hen we see others as individuals, special and unique, even gendered, we are blind to Oneness.

  When we see others as one with us and everything,
                                                       we truly see them.

                 Then we can appreciate them as individuals,
                               special and unique, even gendered.

We can watch a burning fire;

and it becomes hard as we hear the earth cry,
      cry for lack of nourishment by fallen wood.
Such is the expansion of our consciousness
We grow, we expand beyond the "I"
Our very being.
We experience unlimited potentiality
We experience the All
We lose the "I" ...
                             in bliss.

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Snippets of Wisdom on Truth

By Oneness, i am.
By Oneness, i am Sat-Chit-Ananda
 i am C hit
Consciousness (Truth)
 i am Sat
Existence (God)
i am Sat-Chit-Ananda
2940 times over ...
and counting
i am A nanda
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Guru Jah here ...
If you seek proof of knowing,
​look in a mirror, into your own eyes.
To Awaken
​is like waking from a dream.
We gain far more in life from just being than we will ever gain by doing.
When we are seeing a self,
we cannot embrace a state of Oneness.

There is no self as One.
There is only our True Self.

We are not just Light Beings;
we are Consciousness.
I see before me a world so asleep,
​it has no concept of being Awakened.
The more we define our differences, the more we move away from any sense of connection,
​let alone sharing in our Oneness.
It is only through sharing as One,
     ​that we,
          ​or anything,
​               can grow.