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Peace is not the absence of conflict.

Peace is the equilibrium between suffering and bliss.
When we see the Universe and Nature
as peaceful, we are blind.

  What we are seeing,
is the Universe in balance.
finis for now
Peace amongst men will never be had
until each and every being
knows peace within themselves.
That peace comes most easily
when we embrace Oneness.

Our greatest challenge
     in experiencing peace
          is through our mind,
               both individually
                    and collectively.

That peace is an experience of our being,
                  our very spirit essence,
                                 even our very soul.
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The Universe and Nature    
    are in constant conflict,

                ​and violent
Yet this is peace of man,
man in humanity.
It is our yearning for bliss,
       our yearning to feel good.
It is our senses free of conflict,
      our sense of nonviolence,
          our sense of non-suffering,
                             our sense of safe.
It is a sense that "we" are getting along.
That sense of peace robs us of truth.
In that space we see,
          we see what is.

We see potential without determination.
There is another peace.
That peace is known by the observer.

In that space there is no judgment.

In that space there is no attachment to an outcome.
There is absolute acceptance.
There is only seeing,
only observing.
In that space, we may still feel the act.
But the observer does not act.
We only observe.
The act passes through and/or around the observer.
We experience compassion.

Compassion for the pains.

Compassion for the joys.

Compassion for "what is".

Compassion for what may be.
There are ironies.
We as the observer are
the fulcrum for "what is."

For what "may be."
A fulcrum that bears weight as the balance keeper,
but never tips the scale.
The observer is steadfast and centered.
It is a state of peace.
Yet the observer changes
"what is" simply by observing.
And "what is" shall default to the illusionary nature of mans perceptions ... and that form of nature shall prevail.
The observer can only "be" ... without attachment.
The observer is humanly alone.
But dwells in divine fullness.
Seen only by other observers
... at peace.

     It is worthwhile to note, that meditation may help us to enter the state of the observer. 
     Meditation however is only a tool to help us
get there and in itself, is not being the observer.
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