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Seeing and Hearing
A man born without eyes shall see more than a man who chooses not to see.

A man born without ears shall hear more than a man who chooses not to hear.
C hoosing to be blind,
 like choosing to be deaf,
 serves no one; not even oneself.
How is it that we may be as blind and deaf
as not to feel the suffering of so many?
W ho shall scream at the deaf so they hear?

And whom is the greater fool;
he who can hear and chooses to be deaf,
 or he who screams at him?
Hear not just the words of others,
rather hear the words of your own
inner truth.

See not as others see, but see your
truth in all that is about and within you.
S hall we waste our breath
upon those that choose to be deaf?
In our blindness, we will never experience love;
to experience love we must truly see.

We must see Truth, for Truth is Divine Essence.
Our greatest gift of Love
is to see another in their Truth.

finis for now

We will never see
    if we do not first CARE beyond ourselves.

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Guru Jah here ...
And we will see even less
of others,
               ​let alone ourselves,​

          ​​if all we can see is our past.