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When i quit resisting
and simply embraced Truth,
it set me free.
When we seek Truth,
we find nothing.

When we embrace Truth,
it sets everything free.
There is little to say on truth.

In truth, everything simply is what it is.
My essence is but a mirror,
a mirror in reflection
of your inner Truth’s desire
Truth is always simple;
it is only we
that make it complex.
The more wholly we live in Truth of the now, the more wholly our passions become manifest.
If we are to live in truth,
then we accept “what is”
without judgment.
finis for now
When we accept and chose to abide in truth,
we find trust, trust of ourselves and everything around us.

That is the true beauty of truth; truth and trust become the same.

That freedom was simply seeing everything as it is.

Not what i think it should be.
If i cannot stand for truth ...
i cannot stand for anything, even myself

Truth needs to be expressed.
Abstention becomes denial.
In denial, we dwell in Un-Truth ...

                 in the Lie.

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There is nothing to relate to Truth;
yet everything relates to Truth.

It is what it is.  Everything but man shall abide in truth.

Truth becomes our All.

Truth is the Universe as Divine.

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Our mental questioning is necessary in the beginning.
By it, we become aware.
Once we become aware, we can see “what is.”
In awareness of what is, we no longer need question anything.
As we live hidden, we defile Truth.

In Truth, there is nothing to hide.
We struggle to know our
​own inner Truth.

It is no wonder we perceive the simplistic Truth of the Divine
as unknowable.