When we are fully present, it is the first step of being in the NOW. We commonly experience this on a mental realm of excitement, an excitement that consumes us beyond our need for rationalization, and beyond our emotions. For too many people though, it is simply a diversion via entertainment. We embrace ourselves
​as swept away.
     There is however, a far deeper level of being fully present
​in the NOW. It is to realize our senses, and, to be in personal command of that experience. We achieve command through awareness. That awareness is the initial step to being Awakened at all.
To be swept away via entertainment is much like riding a rollercoaster; we are out of control. Our senses are alive to the experience of G-forces whipping our bodies this way and that. We may even gleefully scream on the downhill thrust. Another example is sexual climax although too many people carry baggage into that experience and miss the fullness of liberation it affords us.
    Fully present means we are consciously happening to the energy shared. I hear the voices cry, “But we choose to ride the roller coaster; and sometimes we stand in line for hours just for the exhilaration.” I hear you, but you are missing the point.
    The world, our very existence is happening all around us, all the time; and we are an inseparable part of that existence. We, and all that is, are One.
​It is this level of awareness by which we must begin.
     We enter a state of awareness with discernment. Discernment simply says, “This Is,” and no more. It does not judge, for judgment assigns right or wrong. To embrace discernment requires that we embrace perceptions and insights sympathetically from a place of Oneness. That sympathy is recognition
​of our existing with affinity, interdependence, and mutuality. [It is not sympathy of forbearing kindness by which we place ourselves aside.] Discernment is our perception of qualities and character within all that is … all that is which we experience by our senses and our feelings. It ultimately leads to appreciation.
     We are no longer connected with the nature of weather, nor the earth, let alone ourselves. If it’s hot or humid, we cry for air-conditioning. If it’s cold, we flip a switch for heat. We wear shoes upon our feet rather than feel the ground. We carry umbrellas to avoid the rain. We slather our bodies with sunscreen to avoid exposure. Nakedness is virtually forbidden. We have come to deny even our most simplistic relationships with our senses.
     S imple senses, those of our animal body, are denied or violated by the world in which we dwell, all to the point that we no longer associate well to them at all. Throw in our feelings of experiences [presuming we got past our emotions of past feelings] and again, we shut down.
When we really see, taste, touch, smell, and hear, we can open the door to Now. It becomes a choice to be aware of the experience. 

When we are in touch with what we feel energetically within others, and ourselves we can open the door to Now. 

And when we look for a reward, what we find is a sense ​of connection, the number one need in the Universe, and we as humans.
     To be fully present with our existence means we may experience excessive heat or cold and we may have our feelings hurt. But it is first step toward truly living in a state of being alive … alive and real with “What Is.” It is also the first step toward immeasurable joy, bliss, and even love. Full presence invites the second need within the Universe, a sense of self-expression. Our command of our experiences is our [full] presence.
     We can start to understand our ability to be fully present when we realize our commitment to our experiences; they start to look like that roller coaster ride; you can’t get off midstream. And when you do get off, you know you have really been there.
There is an old Buddha story that goes something like this: Buddha is sitting under a tree eating an orange. A monk comes forth in confusion as to why Buddha is not doing his work and asks him why. Buddha replies, “I am eating an Orange.”
To understand this further, we invite you ​to visit this site talking about being fully present with mindfully eating you food:
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     I f we fail to even appreciate the wondrous properties of an orange as we eat it, the smells, the texture, its energy, its juices, how our body interacts with that all in our mouth and clearly into our stomach, how can we presume to be present with anything else?
     How can we be fully present with the reflective experience of love in a kiss? Do we experience the smell, the taste, the feel of dry possibly leading to wetness, and perhaps the most important of all, the energy of that being and our own as both separate and shared?

​​Or is the experience of that kiss, expressing the love we desire so strongly, wolfed down like eating a fast-food Big Mac?

​​We have grown to satisfy our hungers greedily with as few bites as possible. And the result is that we missed the experience, the beauty, the awe, the divine expression of existence in everything, including ourselves.

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There are many levels upon which mankind has chosen to separate itself from the experience of Now. Part of the problem is simply our rapid-fire brain with diversions of avoidance, but even simple societal conditioning has dissuaded our experiences.
The point of the story [teaching] was simply that Buddha was being fully present with what he was doing; he was eating an orange; that was his work [presence] in the Now.
The message becomes, slow down, be aware … and life becomes an experience leading to joy, to bliss, to rapture on the most minute levels. If we cannot be fully present with the experience of life,
​we missed it, life that is.

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