The Delivery Man …
     Here in America, we have a nasty habit of interrupting people as though it is our right. Few people here have the courtesy to make their presence in a manner awaiting audience. Tonight brought forth an otherwise kind man whom insistently called out for attention. I was aware of his presence even before he called out; but my task at hand was one of intense focus to detail and was best accomplished by following through until reaching a point where the focus could afford
​to be shifted. Thus, I did just that.
     Then I turned to this man and informed him that I desire no interruptions during certain phases of my work; this had been one of those phases. Immediately he apologized, over and over and over. I would dare to say this man felt badly enough to be nearly in tears. His repetitious words were “Forgive me”. He rapidly repeated it as many as five times before I placed my hand upon his shoulder and assured him “There is nothing to forgive. You did what you thought was right and I simply informed you of my desires;
there is nothing to forgive; I accept you.”
     Although I already knew why he was here, he informed me of his need and I assured him that I would tend to it. After
a moment of silence, he broke from his stare into my eyes and asked my name. My answer was with my usual candor;
“I am simply a spiritual essence walking the planet.” He stood in further silence, and then replied, “You are like Jesus,
pure love”. What took him aback
though was my immediate reply,
“We all are if we’ll just accept it”.
      I have never seen a man as awe struck as he in this space of time. For
​that moment, he really got it, he really understood; in that moment, he blessed me by his comprehension. In that instant he really felt and understood acceptance and love; there is nothing more beautiful to see. I smiled as he stumbled most awkwardly in his attempt to reenter the mundane world of deliveries that bade
his attention.
     Yet another seed is planted in growth of oneness, the growth of acceptance and love.            
It is good. Moreover, I am blessed; for I have seen that seed sprout; thank you Mr. Delivery Man.
Guru Jah here ...​

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