The Rise of Kundalini
On the Live Webcast Blessing of 6/18/11

     To experience the rise of Kundalini through Sri Bhagavan’s blessing proved to be stronger than me having been aware of myself experiencing it before today.
Sri Bhagavan
     The initial push through the third chakra was immensely powerful … realigning, enforcing, expansive. By the heart chakra, energy flowed beyond my existence outward. In awareness of my body,
my skin felt perforated like a barely tangible shell embodying my existence here.
     At the throat, feeling my own resistance surprised me; the chakra showed itself as ill shaped, but it dissipated. The chakra realigned, reshaping first as a sphere, then the energy blew through it like a hollow tube extending upward.
      The third eye came to a pinpoint focus although i cannot say what the focus was. By the time it hit my crown, my body and awareness’s became limp as though totally superfluous, unimportant to anything; surrendered in stillness
and helpless.
     Initially during the Blessing, my “mind” seemed to badger
​me with randomly bouncing thoughts; one had been, “by choosing to sit here with my
eyes closed, how will i know when the blessing is complete?” It was felt; i knew without vision that the energy transmittal was ended much like hearing a door close. Opening my eyes then saw only a picture transmission of the temple, all before that obnoxious beep from Livestream.
     Sitting here now to transcribe this experience, i remain expansively out of my body like an observer seeing myself happening before it commences.
     Seldom do i feel a need to ground after an experience, but after about an hour, it seemed appropriate.
      In trust that my words shall help others in understanding of themselves,
Thank you Sri Bhagavan …

Though preferring to be nameless,
you shall see me as Guru Jah here …

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