Moksha Magick​
    is Right for
Moksha in Sanskrit
​meaning to spiritually free,
​let go, release, liberate
There is a French term in the sexual experience: "The Little Death." 

When we begin to see ourselves as Divine Essence, the term makes sense. 

We step away from the ego of "I" as it dies to Oneness. 

It is a beautiful Awakening.
After discerning that Moksha Magick might be right for you, the next unavoidable question is,
      ​“Which Moksha Magick Training is Right for ME?”

Thus we’ll try to give an overview of the four different applications of Moksha Magick Training currently available. Before going into those variations, we remind you of the one concept that prevails in all Moksha Magick Training Opportunities; that concept is the comfort and safety of everyone involved. As expounded upon in our Sacred Sexuality and Moksha Magick landing page, the first three rules governing Moksha Magick are:

Open Road Training

Introductory ​Moksha Magick presentations are available
​for Festivals and Gatherings

​Moksha Magick Training is available separately
Check our Events Page* for current locations

​Travel fees may apply dependant on your location and my current venue.
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In Testament
From Christine:

Phenomenal!! I am not the same person
I was this morning.

​Thank you so much for bringing this to us!

And so much gratitude to everyone who was on my "table" that was a truly ecstatic experience holy moly... and no, no flowers for anyone =)

It has indeed been a matter of Before & After...

I have had several things shift energetically in these last weeks and I've been a little distracted!

The way I cycle Earth/Divine energy has changed, I am more open to the magick at The Farm, and the lid is being ripped rather dramatically off of a serious energy exchange with a certain individual.

Even my body physically responds differently... I have sensitivity in my g-spot that wasn't there before that was definitely lit up during the ritual!!   Woot!!

From Dr. Anya:          dranya.net
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Thanks so much for a wonderful, truly transformative Moksha class! 

I feel so grateful and blessed, invigorated and awe-struck!

And ... A massive thanks for teaching Moksha.

Yesterday was truly transformative.
My life now will be divided into Everything That Happened Before Yesterday
and Everything After.

You are so filled with goddess!
What an abundance you shared with us all!

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Guru Jah here ...
While many of the page links below refer to Moksha Magick, they also represent various looks at our sexuality in whole, for they are inseparable. Through these pages, we invite you to explore your own senses of sexuality, how you might enhance them, and you might reclaim what is such a natural part of our existence.

Guru Jah here …

Moksha Magick testimonies are posted below.
Testimony to the healing of engaging in Moksha Magick below ...
Moksha Magick Training Availability

Moksha Magick is about the Magick of healing needs. Everyone can benefit.

While the common Moksha Magick experience is within a group of practitioners,
we delight in offering both individual and couples only training. The number one
​tenet in Moksha Magick is the comfort and safety of everyone. We stand firm on
​your personal needs, boundaries, and limitations with honor to you, for they are yours.

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Moksha Magick for Couples ​​​

With the Guru of Moksha, Guru Aum Jah

​​​Moksha Magick for Couples
Moksha Magick for Individuals

Now in Sarasota FL
NOV 04th and 5th, 2017

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From Lolita

Out of all my other Sacred Sex experiences, Moksha Magick has been superior!
While it feels somewhere between absurd and unthinkable to include any such disclaimers as what follows, the sex-education world has embraced the buzzword, “Intersectionality.” Moksha Magick as a Training Opportunity and a Practice never has, and never will tolerate discrimination based on Privilege, Gender, Race, Creed, Color, National Origin, Religious Affiliations, Physical Impediments or Stature, Gender and Sexual Orientations or Gender Identities, or any considerations included in the broad sense of Intersectionality. If you are a human being, you are welcomed. Extraterrestrial Aliens are subject to approval under the Safety and Comfort guidelines for everyone involved. All that said, yes, a trainee or participant must be of the minimal age of majority in the state to which they reside.
• Rule # 1
The first and foremost priority in our Moksha Magick ritual is the comfort and safety of all practitioners.

• Rule # 2

There shall be no Sexual Intercourse in a Moksha Magick Session.

• Rule # 3

As part of the safety and comfort of everyone, one of the established rules is that What happens in a Moksha Session STAYS IN THAT MOKSHA SESSION!

All the rules in Moksha Magick fall back to these principals. Other rules define who may touch whom and so on. Our objective, no matter what, is to always create a container of safety for each and every participant. And yes, that means YOU!!!
The Moksha Magick Variations:

​In the origins of Moksha Magick, it centered on Groups; currently, Group Training remains the most widespread. The advantage of Group participation is the soft entry level, meaning that a participant can assume any role strictly based on their comfort in knowledge, understanding, and sense of safety.

Yes, Moksha Magick is a Ritual of Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magick, but a participant does not have to be “sexual” in the Ritual nor do they have to be a full-blown magician. A participant can even simply hold space for the ritual, and that is fine. It’s a way of getting your feet wet without diving into the deep end and exposing yourself to the unknown. These tenets always apply:

          • SPEAK YOUR NEEDS!

A huge benefit to practicing in Moksha Magick Group Session is synergy. Every application of Energy and the miracles of Magick are exponential when shared in a group.
Moksha Magick Level I Training and Certification for Groups affords people an entry level opportunity to experience and further participate as a group in:

• Divine Connection and a sense of Oneness
• Creating Miracles of Magick
• Healing
• The Sacredness of their Sexuality
• Unleashing one’s Potential
• Connection with one’s True Self
• Group Synergy ruled by the safety and comfort of all participants

Benefits of Moksha Magick Level I Training for Groups:

• Exploring Sexuality in a Safe and Comfortable environment
• Experiencing the Sacredness of Sexuality in everyone including yourself
• Experiencing Divine Connection in others and yourself
• Acceptance
• Taking part in something bigger than you alone
• Experiencing unthought-of Intimacy
• Feeling Empowered
• Feeling Authentic
• Opportunity for Personal Growth and Expansion
• Participating in real Magickal Changes
• Self-Healing through Group Ritual
Moksha Magick Level II Training and Certification for Groups affords people deeper understanding of the inherent principles in Group Ritual augmented by:

• Deeper training in manifesting Miracles of Magick
• Ritual Application
• Understanding group dynamics
• Energy Training
• Facilitating Moksha Magick Rituals [Level II Practitioners are the only people authorized to facilitate a group Ritual.]

Benefits of Moksha Magick Level II Training for Groups:

• Far deeper understanding in the principals of Moksha Magick
• Self-esteem in Providing a Safe and Comfortable environment
             • Understanding what that means to people
• A greater sense of Oneness in community
• Self-Assurance in Miracles of Magick
• A sense of Direction through Ritual Application
• Pride in Leading people to Healing, including yourself
• Self-Respect by Leading people to grow, including yourself
• Appreciation and Respect of people’s Sexual Needs and Boundaries, including your own
• A sense of Trust through shared Intimacy
• Acquired ownership in Self-Responsibility of participants, including yourself
• Self-Transformation through learned Energy Applications
• Empowerment through Unleashing people’s Potential, including your own
When we move to Moksha Magick Training for Individuals, the dynamics of a Group Ritual now become a Ritual for One. This Training is by far the deepest, the most intense, and possibly the most rewarding. What you learn here is yours forever and you are never dependent upon a trained partner or group. We teach you how to make Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magick a powerful experience in your life. Moksha Magick for Individuals Training includes the deepest of all our Training in personal Divine Connection.

Whether you move on in training for Couples or Groups, Moksha Magick for Individuals gives you a foundation of wholeness within yourself. As one trainee put in his review, “I will be a better partner/lover in future relationships.”
Moksha Magick for Individuals provides training in:

• Experiential Divine Connection and expanded supportive literature
• Experientially Embodying your True Self
• More tools for Magickal Manifestation beyond Group Levels I and II
• Ritual Creation and Application
• Self-Acceptance of one’s Flesh
• Conscious Self-Sacred Self-Sexuality in and out of Ritual
• Empowering yourself through Soulful Intimacy with Your True Self

Benefits of Training in Moksha Magick for Individuals:
• Self-acceptance, emotionally and physically
• Self-empowerment
• Self-healing
• Higher Creativity
• Meaningful self-touch
• Sacredness in your self-sexuality and your shared sexuality
• Coming to Bliss
• A sense of Mastery over life
• Finding and connecting with your True Self
• Embodying your True Self
• Preparation in being the perfect lover

Further understanding of the importance of Moksha Magick for Individuals is attainable by reading our page, Moksha Magick Solo.
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Moving to Moksha Magick Training for Couples, the dynamics of a Group Ritual now become a Ritual for Two. We teach you how to make Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magick a powerful experience in your partnership. Moksha Magick for Couples Training includes the deepest of all our Training in personal and shared Energy exercises.
Moksha Magick for Couples provides training in:

• Experiential Divine Connection and expanded literature
• Experiential Connection as Beings of Energy and Light
• More tools for Magickal Manifestation beyond Group Levels I and II
• Ritual Creation and Application
• Conscious Sacred Sexuality in and out of Ritual
• Understanding Empowerment through Soulful Intimacy in Partnerships
• Experiential Heartfelt Connection

Benefits of Moksha Magick Training for Couples:
• Self-acceptance - Partnership acceptance
• Self-empowerment for each participant
• Joint healing
• Higher Creativity
• Sacredness in your shared Sexuality
• Deeper meaning in your Sexuality
• Filling that “empty space”
• A sense of Mastery over your lives
• A sense of Mastery over your Sexual sharing
• Finding your True Selves
• Embodying your True Selves
• Experiencing your True Selves
• The Deepest Partnership Intimacy you can ever achieve
If in your soul searching through our page, Is Moksha Magick Right for Me? failed to afford self-assurance in participating in any of the various Opportunities listed here, simply contact us.

We always invite inquiries via email or phone … nothing is to be hidden.
Email: GuruJah@GuruJah.org
Phone: 813-704-8949
Guru Aum Jah here …
You may note that unlike Moksha Magick for Individuals and Couples, Moksha Magick for Groups requires Certification. Any practitioner must be Certified to participate in a Group Ritual as a safety measure for everyone involved. Training in Moksha Magick for Individuals or Couples does not Certify a practitioner to participate in a Group Ritual.

Your options of entry into Moksha Magick quite simply rest with your desires and comfort. Only you can decide which is right for you. Even if examining these options with a partner and considering Moksha Magick for Couples as your entry, we urge you to follow your individual truth. Just because a person trains in a particular Training Opportunity does not mean they have to go on to other Training Opportunities. It is always up to you.
While we strive to supply you with thorough and accurate information about Moksha Magick, nothing replaces the experience of training in in our various Moksha Magick Training Opportunities.