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The format of training is always about interaction. Neither lectures not preaching have any place in the time and place we share.

The goal is to facilitate your growth through exploration and invitation to find your truth, your journey, your healing, and expressions of you.

Links are provided below to open other pages detailing enhanced descriptors and broad outlines. More detailed outlines will be made available upon specific request as need is deemed reasonable.
I follow where the Universe sends me; I go without question. Most often, I cannot understand the purpose until after the fact; but it always works out.

Ordained as a minister of healing in 2002, my real “work” is helping people to find and live their spiritual truth; helping those wanting to grow. Further, in 2011, I received my initiation as an Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) giver through Oneness India; that too is now part of
my “work”; it is a gift of many faces. The year 2014 brought entitlement as a Reiki Master and Moksha Magick Level III Instructor [trainer], both to add to my work; it is an additional venue to the work of healing. 2016 afforded me the joyous initiation as a Flowering Heart Blessing Giver.

For those that need a singular label
to define me, the best I can offer is
that I am an “experiential metaphysical practitioner”. That is a mouthful of syllables simply to say that I embrace
life; and I embrace it on many realms.
I seldom go forth by study; I go forth by openness to experience. I see myself as the actor and the audience all at once; some people call the audience, “the observer”.

I fully recognize the divine essence that all of creation and I are of; we are that divine essence.

Guru Jah here …
Basic Bio for Guru  Jah
Mastering Reiki
Reiki Certification Training for Reiki Level I,
Level ​II, and Masters
the Energy Orgy
Exploring ourselves as Divine beings, as pure energy; and then, breaking barriers of choice within our sharing, ultimately enhancing our intimacy and sexual expression.
Sacred Sexuality and Moksha Magick
Experiencing our Divine Essence
in our sexual expression
Chakra Workshops
Informational - blockage clearing & energizing  - healing through awareness 
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The Flowering Heart Blessing

Flowering of the Heart to Universal Love

Awakening the Divine Within

Healing & Awakening to Higher Consciousness

Transfer of Spiritual Energy & Consciousness

For some the spiritual journey is about pursuing higher states
​of consciousness, awakening, enlightenment, and transcendence. 
For others it is all about unity with the Divine. For others it is about embodying Spirit, becoming fully human, and reaching out to the world in very practical ways. The Flowering of the Heart is a middle path that naturally results in all of these things.

This interactive workshop includes material from a four-hour intensive training session entitled “The Power of Blessing” personally attended by Guru Jah in his own spiritual expansion. Participants will receive the Blessing; and, participants will be fully empowered to transfer [give] the Blessing to others.

Length of workshop: 90 minutes to two hours dependent on the number of attendees.

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